12V Power Adapter for SATA Drive and External Drive System

The AASAPS power adapter comes with a specifically designed connector which attaches directly to any Serial ATA hard drive. Together with the Addonics External Serial ATA data cable, any Serial ATA drive can be instantly turned into any external Serial ATA storage device. The AADCPAC12V power adapter comes which a connector which attaches directly to any removable drive system (ex. Addonics Drive Cartridge System) or hard drive with a 4-pin molex power connector.

  • AC Input: 100 - 240V / 0.8A
    47 - 63 Hz
  • DC Output: +5V / 2.0A
    +12V / 2.0A
  • Cable Length: Input power cord- 3 feet
    Output - 3.5 feet
  • Connector Type: Input - two prongs (US standard)
    Output - 15-pin femal Serial ATA power connector
  • Dimension: 4.71 in (L) x 2.37 in (W) x 1.43 in (H)
  • Safety Regulation: World wide certification including UL (C and US), CE, GS


AADCPAC12V - (12/5V adapter, 4P Molex output connector)
AADCPAC12V Power adapter for Disk Array 4SA, External Drive Cartridge System. 110/240V input, 12V/5V output 4P female connector. Also suitable for 3.5" hard drive or ATAPTI optical drive
Price: 25.00
AASAPS - (Serial ATA drive power supply)
AASAPS SATA drive external power supply
Price: 25.00