4X1 Hardware Port Multiplier (System Version)

About the 4x1 HPM Series

The 4X1 eSATA/USB Hardware Port Multiplier (HPM) is the first in Addonics HPM family with an integrated RAID controller for superior read/write performance. This 4X1 HPM can connect up to 4 SATA / SATA II hard drives to a host via a single SATA port or USB port. The 4 connected drives can be easily set to different RAID configurations by dialing an onboard rotary switch. There is no installation of driver or any software required, thus making the addition of RAID storage to any system simple no matter what the Operating System.

The RAID volume, once created, appears to any OS as another hard drive. It can be used as a boot drive in application servers or mission critical equipment. The flexibility and performance of this 4X1 HPM make it the ideal equipment in high capacity storage applications such as video storage, data archiving, home entertainment or multi-Tera bytes storage farm.

About the System Version (AD4SR5HPMUS)

The 4X1 eSATA/USB HPM comes in choice of the system version or the enclosure version. The system version enables multiple hard drives inside a system to be connected together to form a RAID volume. The enclosure version fits perfectly into the Addonics family of Storage Tower, Storage Rack and many standard multi-bay enclosures with standard SCSI-1 connector cut out. The 4 hard drives inside the drive enclosure, connecting to this HPM, can form a high performance and reliable external RAID system that can be attached to any computer via high speed eSATA or USB 2.0 ports.

For more detail information on Port Multiplier technology, please review the following URL link:

4x1 eSATA/USB Hardware PM System Version

  • Connect up to 4 SATA I/II hard drives to computer via eSATA or USB port
  • Compatible with CF memory card or Micro Drive&trade using Addonics SATA CF adapters (ADSAHDCF or AD2SAHDCF)
  • Compatible with any SATA controller (RAID or non RAID) or USB port
  • Integrated hardware RAID controller to maximize performance
  • Supports FAST2 (2 drive RAID0 Striping), FAST4 (4 drive RAID0 Striping), SAFE2 (RAID1 Mirroring), SAFE FAST (Mirrored Striped), BIG 2 (2 drive Concatenation), BIG 4(4 drive Concatenation), RAID 5 over 4 drives, or RAID 5+S using built-in hardware RAID
  • RAID configuration via rotary switch, no software required
  • RAID volume can be used as a boot drive or as additional storage
  • Multiple units can be daisy chained
  • System version mounts in any standard height or low profile PCI slot
  • Support hot swap
  • Onboard LED for PM health, eSATA, USB connection and for RAID diagnostic
  • Multi-function LED Pin Headers for Host link, RAID status, individual drive activity, power, system ready and RAID diagnostic
  • OS independent: DOS, All Windows, Mac OS X, Linux kernel 2.6 and above, Solaris 10 and above
  • Firmware upgradable

1, drives connected to this PM cannot be configured as independent drive. All connected drives must be configured as 1 RAID volume.
2. BIG2 and BIG4 are capable of combining drives of different capacities, but the total combined capacity is limited to the number of drives multiplied by the capacity of the smallest drive.

  • 4 internal SATA port for SATA / SATAII storage device
  • SATA connector for host connection
  • Shielded and durable eSATA connector eSATA port for host connection on enclosure model
  • 1 USB type B connector and 1 5-pin header USB connector for host connection
  • Onboard LED for PM health, eSATA, USB connection and for RAID diagnostic
  • LED Pin Headers for Host, 4 SATA devices, RAID status, Power On & System Ready, and RAID diagnostic
  • Auto-negotiation support for 1.5Gbps and 3.0Gbps SATA
  • Compliant with SATA II external specification
  • Integrated hardware RAID controller supporting
    • Disk striping with distributed parity over 3 drives + spard (RAID 5 + sS)
    • Disk striping with distributed parity over 4 drives (RAID 5)
    • Disk striping (RAID 0) for maximum performance
    • Disk striping with mirroring (RAID 10)
    • Disk spanning for large capacity single volume
  • Support for hot spare disk
  • Support Hot-swapping
  • Hardware RAID rebuild engine (up to HDD transfer rate)
  • Sustained transfer rates in excess of 240Mbytes/s (limited only by HDD or interface transfer rates)
  • USB mass-storage class compliant
  • 48 GPIO (24 dedicated, 24 multiplexed)
  • Maximum power consumption ~ 1 Watt
  • Control board dimension (W x D x H) - 3.4 x 2.2 x .9 in. (85mm x 55mm x 23mm)
  • Weight: 1.2 oz or 33g (without the mounting bracket)
  • Operating temperature range: 0 °C to +70 °C
  • Operating humidity range: 5% to 90%
  • Storage temperature range: -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Storage humidity range: 5% - 95% (non condensing)
  • 1 year warranty


AD4SR5HPMUS - (4 X1 SATA/USB HPM, system version)
AD4SR5HPMUS 4-port HPM with eSATA/USB host connection. Come with mounting brackets for installing into standard height or low profile PCI slot. Great for adding high performance RAID to any system. For detail, please visit http://www.addonics.com/products/host_controller/ad4sr5HPMUS.asp
Price: 79.95


PCISCBKT (CipherChain PCI brkt, used /w SCSI1 brkt)
PCI bracket to mount any SCSI 1 device such as Addonics rack mount PM or CipherChain onto a PCI slot of a Desktop system.
Price: 2.50
AA5PUSBCL-3F (3' USB cbl, female pin header both ends)
AA5PUSBCL-3F USB 5-pin header to 5-pin header 3 feet cable. Suitable for connecting any device with USB 5-pin header connector to 5-pin header connector on system board.
Price: 1.99
AAGLED5M14 (Green LED 5 mm with resistor, 14" cable)
AAGLED5M14 Green LED with integrated resistor. 5 mm bulb size and include 14" connecting cable. Designed to work with Addonics host controllers, port multipliers and products that support 5V LED.
Price: 1.00
PCISCBKT (CipherChain PCI brkt, used /w SCSI1 brkt)
PCI bracket to mount any SCSI 1 device such as Addonics rack mount PM or CipherChain onto a PCI slot of a Desktop system.
Price: 2.50
AA8GLEDS (SCSI-1 bracket with 8 green LEDs)
AA8GLEDS SCSI-1 mounting bracket with 8 green LEDs. Designed for adding LED to Adonics Storage Towers, Storage Rack or drive enclosures with SCSI-1 cut out
Price: 10.00
AA8GLEDP (Standard heigt PCI bkt with 8 green LEDs)
AA8GLEDP PCI mounting bracket with 8 green LEDs. Designed for adding 8 LEDs to system with standard height PCI slot.
Price: 10.00