Sapphire Snap-In Disk Array with eSATA & USB 3.0 (S4SHU3)

The Sapphire family of Disk Array storage is a compact size, light weight and low power external multi-bay storage device that is ideal for expanding the storage on any system. Offering choice of models equipped with different type of interface, the Sapphire Disk Array offers fast external storage performance via eSATA, the SuperSpeed USB 3.0, or mini SAS connection to any computer. You can swap drives in and out of the Sapphire Disk Array, just like using tape cassette without using any drive tray or special tool. You can also start with as little as one hard drive and expand to 2, 3 or 4 drives to meet the need of your application. There is also choice of model with integrated Hardware Port multiplier that allows the four drives to be set up as a high performance RAID group with redundancy for reliability.

Constructed in a light weight sturdy aluminum housing with an integrated cooling fan for efficient heat dissipation, the Sapphire Disk Array is a great portable storage solution for a wide range of applications that demand high performance and large amount of storage out in the field.


About this model

This Sapphire Disk Array comes equipped with a Hardware Port Multiplier (HPM) that connects all 4 drives to any computer via a single eSATA or USB 3.0 connection. Once connected, the four drives can be set up to appear as individual drives to the system or can be set as a large volume and high performance RAID group. The built-in RAID accelerator of the HPM provide superior performance to support applications that require high data throughput.

Using the optional Addonics NAS 4.0 adapter, the four drives can be instantly turned into a Network Attached Storage equipment for sharing over the network.


Examples of devices that can be installed
inside the Sapphire Snap-In Disk Array
click on the image to see the detail of the Snap-In Disk Array
  Rear view





Connect all four 2.5" SATA devices
through a single eSATA or USB 3.0 connection



  • Attach up to four (4) SATA 2.5" hard drives*, SDDs or Addonics 2.5" SATA flash drives to any system via a single eSATA and USB 3.0 / 2.0 connection
  • 4 drives can be configured as RAID0 (Striping), RAID1 (Mirroring), RAID 5 (Parity), RAID10 (Mirrored Striped), JBOD (Concatenation), Clone Mode (N-Way Mirror) using built-in hardware RAID or as five individual drives without RAID
  • Individual drive setting requires connecting to Port Multiplier compatible controller or USB port
  • Drive can be inserted or removed like tape cartridge with no special tool
  • OS independent, can be used on any system
  • Configure RAID using RAID diagnostic software utility or dip switches on the back of the device
  • Windows, Mac and Linux utility for RAID monitoring and email notification
  • Hot swap support for each drive when connecting to controller that supports this feature
  • Power and drive activity LED for each drive bay
  • Innovative lock mechanism for drive insertion/removal
  • Strong and light-weight anodized aluminum housing

* maximum drive thickness up to 12.7 mm, Maximum combined peak current draw of the four drives not to exceed 2.8A at 5V (equivalent to average 700mA at 5V per drive)
Components make up this model:
Sapphire-drive enclosure (S525CS), Snap-in Disk Array25 (AESN4DA25), Hardware Port Multiplier XU (AD5HPMREU), 110/240 AC/DC 12V power adapter (AAP12V3A-US), one 100 cm. eSATA cable (AAESATA100C), one 6-foot A-B USB 3.0 cable (AAU3AB6F), user guide.
Options: NAS 4.0 adapter (NAS40ESU) for connecting to the LAN and WAN, USB 3.0 hub (AD4U3HE)
  • Black anodized aluminum body for durability and efficient heat dissipation
  • Four 2.5" Snap-In drive bay for installing 2.5" SATA drive with thickness up to 12.7 mm.
  • Support SATA I, II and III drive
  • eSATA and USB 3.0/2.0 connectors on the back of the unit
  • Maximum transfer rate
    • eSATA: 3Gbps
    • USB 3.0 / 2.0: 5Gbps / 480Mbps
  • Built-in Hardware Port Multiplier (AD5HPMREU)
  • Maximum combined peak current draw of the four drives not to exceed 2.8A at 5V
    (equivalent to average 700mA at 5V per drive)
  • 110/240 AC/DC 12V 3A power adapter
  • Power and Drive Activity LEDs for each drive bay
  • key lock for each bay
  • Point to point, no cable required for installing hard drive into drive bay
  • One 40 x 40 low-noise, ball beaing and high CFM cooling fans
  • Weight: ~ 3.64 lbs. (1.65 kg)
  • Attractive aluminum frame with vents for effective heat dissipation
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 9.88 x 6.88 x 2.00 in ( 251 x 175 x 50.8 mm)
  • Operating temperature and humidity: +5C to +60C, 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)
  • Storage temperature and humidity: -30C to +70C, 5% to 90%

All specifications are subject to change without notice


S4SHU3 - (Sapphire 2.5" Disk Array with eSATA/USB3)
Contents: Sapphire enclosure integrated with 2.5" Snap-In Disk Array (AESN4DA25) and HPM-XU (AD5HPMREU), 3-foot eSATA cable, 6-foot USB 3.0 cable, 110/240V AC/DC 12V adapter (AAP12V3A-US), user guide.

Price: 245.00


NAS40ESU (NAS 4.0 adapter)
Package content: NAS 4.0 unit, 5V 110/240V AC adapter, 6" CAT5e cable, User guide
Price: 89.00
AD2U3PCI (2-port USB 3.0 PCI controller)
2-Port USB 3.0 PCI Controller, low profile bracket, Driver CD, User guide,
Price: 45.00
AD2U3PX1 (2-port USB 3.0 PCIe-1X controller)
2-Port USB 3.0 PCI-Express 1X Controller, low profile bracket, Driver CD, User guide,
Price: 35.00
2 eSATA II RAID5/JBOD PCI Express controller, low profile bracket, Driver CD, User guide,
Price: 29.99
ADSA6GPX1-2E (6G 2-port eSATA PCI-Express Controller)
6G 2-port eSATA PCI-Express Controller, low profile bracket, Driver CD, User guide,
Price: 39.99