Storage Tower V

Built on the same storage design concept from the original Storage Tower, the Storage Tower V features five 5.25" drive bays, bigger power supply and more room for mounting more Port Multipliers (PM) or connectors. All these translate into more flexibility and drives for larger storage capacity to meet your storage requirements.

With the combination of various Disk Arrays, as many as eight 3.5" drives can be installed into the Storage Tower V. By connecting these drives to two 5-port PMs (available with 6G version), the 8 drives can be connected to a system with two eSATA or two USB 3.0 cables. This is just one of the configuration examples. There are practically endless customization possibilities in combining 3.5" or 2.5" SATA or IDE hard drives with various RAID combination capabilities. You can actually consolidate all the storage into one Storage Tower and use it as a storage server for multiple systems. You can even built your own custom NAS storage by attaching the Storage Tower V to the Addonics NAS adapter.


Illustration of Storage Tower V
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Storage Tower V with examples of various configuration possibilities

When combined with the Addonics Drive Cartridge Systems and Disk Arrays, the Storage Tower V can be turned into storage systems with hot swappable removable drive capabilities. For the security conscious, the Ruby Cipher Drive Cartridge System or Diamond Cipher Drive Cartridge System can be added to protect the data with bullet proof AES 256-bit encryption.


To ensure efficient cooling of all the storage devices inside the enclosure, the Storage Tower V is equipped with a high CFM cooling fan and vented front panel for a well ventilated interior with superior air flow. The case cover, which extends over the top and side panels, can also be easily removed to provide easy access for storage device installation and cable connection.

    • Great for variety of storage applications - external RAID storage, Video storage, Server storage
    • Five 5.25" drive bays
    • Choice of following storage controllers or bridges for connecting the drives inside the Storage Tower
      • Hardware Port Multiplier-XU (AD5HPMREU) to connect up to 5 SATA/SATA II/SATA III hard drives to computer via any eSATA* or USB 3.0/2.0 port. Can be configured as RAID 1, 0, 10, 5, 3, BIG, or Clone mode. (RAID setting is configured through onboard dip switches or included Windows software)
      • 5-Port 6G Rack Mount PM (AD5SARM6G) to connect up to 5 SSATA/SATA II/SATA III hard drives to computer as via 1 eSATA port (requires a PM compatible SATA controller). Support SATA 3.0 6Gbps throughput when connecting to 6G SATA port. Can be configured as RAID via RAID utilily of the OS or the attached host controller. 
      • Mini SAS bridge (AD4SMSAS) with one SFF-8088 connector to connect up to four SATA/SATA II/SATA III hard drives to system via a single mini SAS cable
    • Accommodates up to to eight 3.5" hard drives when combined with various Disk Arrays.
    • Sturdy metal frame construction
    • Power and drive access LED sockets



* For eSATA connection, hot swap feature depends on the controller. All Addonics SATA controllers support the hot swap feature. The Storage Tower IX can be powered down and restarted to swap out hard drive without rebooting the system.

**Independent drive configuration is only supported with PM compatible controllers or USB connection.

IDE and SATA hard drive can be mixed in the Storage Tower IX. IDE hard drives can be changed to SATA interface with the addition of IDE - SATA converter. SATA hard drives can be changed to IDE interface with the addition of SATA - IDE converter.

Number of 5.25" drive bays
Connectors on back panel
ST55HPMXU - eSATA and USB 3.0/2.0
ST5MS - mini SAS (SFF-8088)
Supported   OS
  • USB 3.0/2.0 - Windows  Me, 2000, XP, Vista, 7,2003, Linux kernel 2.4 and higher, Solaris 9.0 and higher, Mac OS 10
  • eSATA - DOS, Windows NT/SP6, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Linux kernel 2.4 and higher, Mac OS 10
cooling fans
one 80 x80 mm.
Dimension ( W x D x H )
7.5 x 16.5 x 10.4 in.
190 x 419 x 264 mm.
Net weight
11.25 lb ( 5.10 kg)
7 + 1 power LED
SCSI - I (Centronics 50) punch outs on back panel
USIB connector pouch outs on back panel
Power supply
320 watts 110/240V AC
Internal power connectors 4P Molex male
15-pin SATA female
5 ( 4 can be changed to 4P Molex male by  attaching the includedd SATA to 4P Molex power connector adapters)
4P floppy power female
Operating temperature and humidity
0 - 60 degree C, 15% - 90% RH
Storage temperature and humidity
-20 - 60 degree C, 0% - 95% RH non-condensing



AASAEDC3F (External SATA data cable, 100 cm.)
AASAEDC3F 100 cm. external Serial ATA cable with standard SATA conncectors on both ends of the cable. Constructed with heavy duty shielding and connector to ensure reliable connection to external data storage devices.
Price: 9.00
AASA2SA100C (External eSATA - SATA cable, 100 cm)
AASA2SA100C eSATA to SATA connecting cable, 100 cm. eSATA connector on one end and heavy duty SATA1 (regular SATA connector) on another end. Great for connecting external SATA storage device to eSATA port.
Price: 12.99
AAESATA100C (eSATA - eSATA cable, 100 cm.)
Content: 100 cm. eSATA connecting cable with eSATA connectors on both ends. Full compliance with eSATA specification. Great for connecting external storage device with eSATA connector to eSATA host controller.
Price: 9.00
AAESATA200C (eSATA cable, 200 cm (6 ft.))
Content: 200 cm. eSATA connecting cable with eSATA connector on both ends. Full compliance with eSATA specification. Great for connecting external storage device with eSATA connector to eSATA host controller.
Price: 13.99
AAIB4C150 (Infiniband 4X multilane SATA, 150 cm.)
AAIB4C150 Infiniband 4X Multilane SATA cable. 150 cm with secure thumb screws. Compliant with SFF 8470 and include SATA2 blocking keys
Price: 29.95
AAUSBAB6F (USB A-B cable 6 feet)
AAUSBAB6F 6 feet USB 2.0 A-B cable. Compatible with Addonics Storage Tower ST4IDEU2, external drive enclosure AE5IDECSU2, AE5IDECSUF, AE5SACSU2 and AE5SACSUF. Can also be use as a replacement USB printer cable.
Price: 3.99
STSSDVR (tool for security screws)
STSSDVR Special tool for tightening and loosing the security screws on the Storage Tower.
Price: 14.95
STSS-R6X32 (Security screws for Storage Tower)
STSS-R6X32 A pair of security screws for locking the side panels of the Storage Tower, top cover of the Mini Storage Tower and other Addonics Storge Tower. Screws also used to secure top cover on standard computer cases. This screw prevents users from opening the Storage Tower or computer case to temper the inside.
Price: 2.00
AA4PSAPC (4P power to 15-pin SATA power connector)
AA4PSAPC power connector adapter for standard 4P power to 15-pin SATA power
Price: 2.99
Storage Tower V
USB timeout fix
Applies to:

Disable the time out or disconnection issue for the  RAID tower, Optical tower and AD5HPMXU or products that has this Port Multiplier inside. The problem is mostly associated with USB connection.

Instructions: Unzip the downloaded file, launch the FwUpdateTool_v1_19_01_T1.exe and load the bin file.