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Amber Mixed Media drive

Amber Mixed Media drive is a family of storage devices that combine HDD and optical storage or HDD and Flash/SSD storage into a single 5.25" drive package. This allows installing more storage devices and different storage media into a single 5.25 drive bay. The Mixed Media drive is an solution for small or industrial systems where storage bays are limited.

Amber Mobile Rack Optical Drive
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Amber dual Mobile Rack optical drive

Model: ABSDR225SN This Amber Mobile Rack Optical Drive is three drives in one - an optical drive and two 2.5" removable drives, all packaged into a standard height 5.25" drive factor. This is ideal for small computers..

  • Add an opitcal drive and two 2.5" Mobile Rack via a single 5ΒΌ" drive bay
  • Support 2.5" SATA HDD/SDD with drive thickness up to 9.5 mm
  • Suspension mount to protect against vibration and shock
Amber Mobile Rack Flash drive