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Mixed Media Duplicator

The Addonics Mixed Media Duplicator is a storage media cloning equipment for making copies of micro SATA HDD/SSD, mSATA SSD, CF or CFast media. It is equivalent to having a CF memory duplicator, a CFast memory duplicator, a mSATA SSD duplicator, a micro SATA hard drive and a micro SATA SSD duplicator all integrated into one. You can mix and match any of these media into the duplicator, thus making it a handy tool for transferring the content among these different media.

The duplicator works stand alone without any computer. It is easy to operate. There is no complicated software to run. Simply insert the source media into the source slot and the target media with equal or larger capacity into the destination slots, then push the copy button to start the copying process.

Mixed Media Duplicator
1:11 mSATA / micro SATA SSD duplicator (MSDU11) thumbnail

1:11 mSATA / micro SATA SSD duplicator (MSDU11) - Discontinued

This 1:11 mSATA / micro SATA SSD Duplicator model allows you to copy from one source media onto as many as eleven (11) target media at one time. Source and target media can be be either a mSATA SSD or a micro SATA HDD/SSD

  • Duplicate up to eleven (11) copies of micro SATA hard drive, micro SATA SSD or mSATA SSD
  • transfer content from one type of media to different type of media
  • Copy speed up to 90 MB/sec