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CipherUSB is a family of hardware encryption solution that protects sensitive data stored in the hard drive, removable drive, flash media, optical media or in the Cloud with bullet proof security. The CipherUSB products uses a NIST and CSE certified AES 256-bit hardware crypto engine to encrypt data. Unlike software encryption product whose performance relies on the  system processor power, the CipherUSB ensure maximum performance in wide range of computer hardware. The CipherUSB solutions does not store any password in the computer or the system volatile memory, thus is a far more secure solution than any software encryption.

The CipherUSB products comes in choice of models with various features to meet the needs of your applications and security:

  • Choice of CipherUSB FLE (File Level Encryption) or CipherUSB FDE (Full Disk encryption)
    FLE solution allows encrypting any file stored in any drive, media, network or Cloud storage whereas a FDE solution encrypts the entire USB storage attached to the CipherUSB adapter. For further detail, please visit the CipherUSB Q&A section or review the quick comparison of these two solutions
  • Choice of model with just hardware authentication or with 2 factors authentication (password plus the matching CipherUSB dongle)
  • Choice of Encryption mode in ECB or CBC*
  • Option to write protection boot sector or the entire disk on the USB storage attached to the CipherUSB. This is a perfect solution for protecting any USB storage against virus and Malware attack. It is also a great solution for forensic application
CipherUSB FDE thumbnail


The CipherUSB FDE is a small USB pass through dongle that encrypts any USB drive (Thumb drive, USB hard drive or any Flash media via a USB reader) and even Blu-Ray, DVD and CD disc...

  • Encrypt data in any USB mass storage device - USB flash drive, USB hard drive, any flash card
  • Encrypt data burnt onto BD, DVD or CD media
  • OS independent
  • Military strength AES 256-bit hardware encryption
CipherUSB FLE (F1, F2)  thumbnail

CipherUSB FLE (F1, F2)

This CipherUSB F1 or F2 is the CipherUSB FLE dongle that comes with a USB pass through port to support any USB storage device. The F1 model comes with an ECB crypto engine whereas the F2 model comes with a CBC crypto engine....

  • Encrypt any file with AES 256-bit hardware encryption
  • Choice of model for encryption in ECB or CBC modea
  • Choice of model with hardware authentication or with 2 factors authenication