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Flash media / SSD

Addonics SSD offerings consist of the CFast, mSATA, M2 and PCMCIA (ATA Flash) forms factors. All our SSD are rated to operate in industrial temperature (- 45°C  - 80 °C ), commonly called industrial grade. Our SSDs are available in choice of Industrial or Enterprise grade.

Addonics' Industrial class SSD is one of the most reliable SSDs in the market. Made of SLC NAND flash, the Addonics Industrial SSD boost the durability, 5 - 8 times more TBW of the commercial grade MLC SSD. This highly durable SSD is ideal for mission critical applications that are deployed in industries such as data center, finance and aerospace or manufacturing facilities with equipment operating in a harsh environment. For those applicationd that demands the highest reliability, SSDs made with SLC is the best choice. 

Addonics' Enterprise class SSD uses MLC NAND flash and is thus more cost-effective than the Addonics industrial grade SSD. Unlike commerical type of MLC SSD, Addonice Enterprise SSD is designed to work in industrial temperature range, making it suitable for applications or equipment operating in non-temperature controlled environment.