HDD Duplicator

Addonics family of hard drive duplicators is more than just as a simple, fast and reliable tool for making an exact copy of any hard drive. Offering choice of models in various configurations to meet wide range of applications, some models of the Addonics hard drive duplicator can be used for copying from source drive of any type, from 2.5" to 3.5" hard drive or SSD with either SATA or IDE interface, to target drive also of any kind. This flexibility make the Addonics hard drive duplicator a powerful tool for quick migration of data from any hard drive or SSD to another drive that are of totally different type in interface or technology. For application where there is a need for data encryption to protect the sensitive data, there is also a model that enables copying onto a hard drive with AES-256 bit hardware encryption or vice versa.

Operating as stand alone appliance without connecting to any computer, all Addonics hard drive duplicators are simple to operate . Just load the original hard drive into the top bay and another hard drive of equal size or larger to the bottom bay, then push the start button to start the copying process. There is no special software required or any complicated set up procedures.

HDD Duplicator Categories

Jasper Duplicator (scalable & powerful)

Scalable High Performance

1:9 Hard drive/SSD Duplicators

The latest Addonics 1:9 HDD/SSD (Hard Disk Drive) Duplicator can copy as many as nine target drives from a single source, making this the ideal solution for production or data distribution applications. Addonics 1:9 HDD duplicator operates totally as a stand alone. There is no computer needed or complex software to operate. Set up is accessed via a LCM control panel on the front of the un...

Combo mSATA HDD duplicator

The Addonics family of Combo mSATA HDD duplicator is designed for making multiple copies of mSATA SSD or 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD from a single master drive. Each duplicator comes bundled with a set of 2,5" mSATA flash drive kit that turns a mSATA SSD into a 2.5" SATA SSD. You can mix and match the mSATA SSD and the hard drive into the duplicator, thus...

USB HDD / Flash duplicator

This family of USB HDD / Flash duplicator is designed to operate as stand alone appliance for copying data from a single USB drive onto multiple USB drives at one time. The USB drive can be any Flash drive, hard drive, SSD, or flash media via Addonics' family of USB flash reader/writer. Comes in choice of models to duplicate ...

Mixed Media Duplicator

The Addonics Mixed Media Duplicator is a storage media cloning equipment for making copies of micro SATA HDD/SSD, mSATA SSD, CF or CFast media. It is equivalent to having a CF memory duplicator, a CFast memory duplicator, a mSATA SSD duplicator, a micro SATA hard drive and a micro SATA SSD duplicator all integrated into one. You can mix and match any of these media into the duplica...