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High density drive mounting bracket
High density drive mounting bracket
Multi-function Drive Rack thumbnail

Multi-function Drive Rack

Model: AASOD35HDBK This Multi-function Drive Rack is a perfect tool to pack more storage devices into any Desktop or small footprint computer. Mounted into a standard 5 1/4" drive bay, this Multi-function Drive Rack allows you to install...

  • Install any slim optical drive and 3.5" storage device into a single 5¼" drive bay
  • Rugged steel construction for rough handling and fast cooling
  • Suspension mount to protect against vibration and shock
5-IN-3 Drive Chassis thumbnail

5-IN-3 Drive Chassis

Model: AA5IN3BK The 5-in-3 Drive Chassis is Addonics latest storage solution that enable installing as many as five 3.5" storage device into three 5.25" drive bays on any Desktop PC, Tower ,,,

  • Install up to five 3.5” SATA or SAS hard drives into three 5 1/4" drive bay stack
  • Drive is added and removed directly from the Disk Array without any tool
  • Sturdy, light weight and precision machined aluminum construction