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Jasper Duplicator (scalable & powerful)

The family of Addonics Jasper Duplicator is one the most advanced and powerful drive duplicators in the market. Unlike traditional duplicator that is designed for a fixed number of targets, the duplicating capacity of a Jasper Duplicator can be expanded by connecting multiple units together. So if you have three Jasper duplicators with 3 targets, 5 targets and 10 targets, you can connect all three together to turn them into a 1: 20 duplicators. Or you can connect the units with 3 targets and 5 targets together to form a 1: 9 duplicator.

Scalable High-Performance Flexible

The Jasper Duplicator also offers high performance - over 140 MB/sec depending on the read/write speed of the source and target media. Whereas the performance of most duplicators declines with increasing load, the duplication speed on a Jasper duplicator remains the same regardless of number of drives in the copying process.

Since the Jasper Duplicator can be connected together, different type of media can be easily mixed in the duplication. For example, a Jasper 3.5" drive duplicator can be connected to a Jasper 2.5" drive duplicator which then connect to a mSATA duplicator. In this set up, a 3.5" source drive can be copied onto 2.5 drive or mSATA card all at the same time. To use different media as the source, you would just need to move the appropriate type of Jasper duplicator to the beginning of the chain. So instead of having the Jasper 3.5" drive duplicator as the first duplicator in the chain, you can either move the jasper 2.5" duplicator or the Jasper mSATA duplicator to be the first unit in chain.

The scalability and the flexibility in using different media as source and target allows every Jasper Duplicator to be used in all types of drive duplication and also ensure the longevity of your investment.

Jasper 2.5" HDD/SSD duplicator
Jasper II 11CFT - 1:11 CFast High Performance duplicator thumbnail

Jasper II 11CFT - 1:11 CFast High Performance duplicator

Model: JD2-11CFT
This Jasper II 11CFT is a 1:11 high performance and expandable duplicator for CFast SSD, and 2.5" HDD/SSD...

  • Duplicate up to eleven (11) CFast cards or 2.5" HDD/SSD at one time
  • Copy speed up to 260 MB/sec.
  • Drives are added or removed without special tool
  • Drive sanitizing function