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Jasper II Portable Duplicator

The Addonics Portable Duplicator is a family of small light weight drive duplicating devices that can be used in practically any environment. Powered by a small 12V power adapter, the Addonics Portable Duplicator offers the convenience of duplicating any SATA drives (HDD/SSD) in various form factor - 3.5" or 2.5". Performance of these duplicators ranges from 110 MB/sec to 260 MB/sec depending on model. These duplicators also come with full suite of functions - including option to copy just files or a whole media with sector to sector copy for drives with encryption or with any kind of file system and format. There is drive sanitizing function with options that includes multiple ERASE with DoD standard, option to copy from larger drive to smaller drive, copy HPA etc.

Jasper II Portable Duplicator
Jasper II portable 1:3 High Performance HDD/SSD duplicator thumbnail

Jasper II portable 1:3 High Performance HDD/SSD duplicator

Model: JD2P3 The Addonics Jasper II Portable Duplicator is one of fastest and most versatile drive duplication equipment in the market. It is a 1:3 SATA drive duplicator powered by a 12V power adapter with the size equivalent...

  • Make an exact copy of a master drive
  • Copy any 3.5" or 2.5" HDD/SSD
  • Size of a VHS video cassette
  • Copying speed up to 260 MB/sec
  • Optional adapter for M2, mSATA, CFast, CF, slim SATA or 1.8" SATA drive