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M2 NVMe SSD Duplicator

The Addonics M2 NVMe SSD Duplicator is designed for making identical multiple copies of M2 NVMe SSD, USB flash, USB HDD/SSD. You can mix and match these SSDs into the duplicator, thus making it a handy tool for transferring the content among these different types of media.

USB NVMe/flash/HDD/SSD Duplicator
1:7 USB NVMe/Flash/HDD Duplicator thumbnail

1:7 USB NVMe/Flash/HDD Duplicator

Model: UDFHNVM7 This 1:7 USB NVMe/Flash/HDD duplicator copies up to as many as seven M2 NVMe SSD and any USB drive at one time. Each USB port is designed to provide adequate power to operate the M2 NVMe SSD or most self-powered USB storage...

  • Copy from one M2 NVMe SSD or USB drive to as many as seven (7) M2 NVMe SSD or USB drives at one time
  • Support M2 NVMe SSD, hard drive, SSD, flash drive
  • No special tool is required to mount or dismount the M2 NVMe SSD