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SD/MSD duplicator

The Addonics family of SD/MSD duplicator is designed for making multiple copies of SD or micro SD cards from a single master.  You can mix and match the SD and micro SD into the duplicator. There is no computer needed or complex software to operate. Just insert the master flash card into the source slot and the slave cards of capacity equal or larger into the target slots. Then press the OK button to start the copying process.

SD/MSD duplicator
1:7 SD/MSD Duplicator thumbnail

1:7 SD/MSD Duplicator

Model: SDMSD7 This 1:7 SD/MSD duplicator copies up to as many as seven SD or micro SD cards at one time from a single SD or micro SD source...

  • Copy from one SD or micro SD card to as many as seven (7) SD or micro SD at one time
  • Each slot is equipped with an SD and micro SD socket
  • Card sanitization