Sun Solaris OS

At the present time, the Pocket DVD, Pocket CDRW, Pocket ExDrive and Pocket DigiDrive have been tested and certified by Sun Micros Systems to work on the Sun Bladestation series of hardware via USB connection. Other Addonics USB products, although have not been tested by Sun Micro, should work the same as all Addonics products share the same USB interface cable.

Q. Does Addonics provide the software driver to work on the Sun's hardware?
A. There is no third party driver needed. The driver is already built in the Solaris OS 8. For the Pocket ExDrive, the Solaris 8 must has release date of 10/00 or later. For the Pocket DVD, CDRW and Pocket DigiDrive, the release date must be 04/01 or later.

Q. Can I use these USB Addonics devices on Sun Server?
A. No. These Addonics USB devices have been tested to work on Sun BladeStation only.

Q. How do I install these Addonics USB devices onto the BladeStation? Is it plug and play?
A. If you are not familiar with how to install USB device onto Sun BladeStation, the following URL links may help you to do the installation. You should consult someone who is familiar with the Solaris OS and Suns hardware if you are not familiar with the environment. Addonics tech support cannot help you to walk through the installation step by step as we are not familiar with your hardware and system configuration.

Sun document - From Chapter 28 (Using USB Devices) of "System Administration Guide : Basic Administration".

Task Map :

Using USB Mass Storage Devices :

The scsa2usb(7D) man page is also helpful :