Installing Compact Flash into an Apple iPod


The following instructions walk you through to the steps to replace an Apple Fifth Generation iPod with a Compact Flash card of any capacity. iTunes must be installed to properly format the CF card and transfer media files.


The Company, "Addonics Technologies Inc" or it's subsidiaries, accepts no liability for any consequences of any actions taken as a result of this installation procedure. Hardware devices as well as information intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, or modified in any way during the installation procedure cannot be held accountable by the Company. If you are not satisfied or do not agree with the terms as stated in this disclaimer, it is your sole responsibility to discontinue use of the installation procedure.


Required Components:

Apple iPod™ Addonics 1.8" ZIF - CF Adapter
Compact Flash, any capacity small flat-head screwdriver


Installation Instructions:

1. Insert the desired Compact Flash into the Addonics 1.8" ZIF - CF Adapter (ADZIFCF). The Compact Flash should be keyed to prevent the card from being incorrectly inserted.

2. Using the flat-head screwdriver, insert the flat-head into the indented section between the silver section and the screen and gently pry open the iPod™.

3. The image below shows how the iPod™ looks when opened. Side A contains the data and power ribbon connections. Side B holds the hard drive, connected through ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) interface.

4a. From Side B, push the 1.8" hard drive connector latch to face vertically.

4b. This loosens the clamp and allows the ZIF connection to be removed from the hard drive.

5. Once the 1.8" drive has been removed, attach the CF-ZIF adapter in the same method as shown in Step 4a. Once the ZIF connection is inserted into the adapter, push the latch back to the horizontal position to secure the ZIF connection.

6. From Side A of the iPod™ locate Connector 2 (larger ribbon), and connect it to the connector on the iPod™ PCB shown below. Push the latch horizontal to secure the ribbon onto the connector.

7. From Side A of the iPod™ locate Connector 1(smaller ribbon), and insert it into the connector at the top left of the iPod™.

8. Align Side A and Side B of the iPod™ and push them together to close the iPod™.

9. Connect the iPod™ to the computer using the USB cable which comes with the iPod™.

10. iTunes will recognize that the CF card installed inside the iPod™ cannot be read, click to continue.

11. iTunes now shows an option to "Restore" the original settings, click on the "Restore" button.

12. Confirm restoring the CF card to the factory settings, removing any previous data on the CF card. Click "Restore" to continue.

13. When the progress bar reaches the end, the CF card is formatted and ready to be used.

14. iTunes will restart the iPod™. Click "OK" to close the message box.

15. After the iPod™ is rebooted, files can now be transferred onto the CF from iTunes.