Installing Cooling Fan on Diamond or Saturn Enclosures

To improve operating temperatures for hard drive stability when using the Diamond or Saturn enclosure under warmer environments, we have included a 40x40mm cooling fan as an optional component. This fan can be easily mounted using two screws onto the front panel of the Diamond or Saturn enclosure, blowing air into the enclosure through the front vents and around the enclosed hard drive. The following instructions show the steps necessary to install the optional Cooling Fan(model) into the Diamond or Saturn enclosure.

note: A cooling fan cannoted be installed into a Saturn Cipher enclosure because the enclosure front is occupied by the cipher hardware encryption bezel.

Recommended Tools for this installation

  • cross shaped screwdriver for securing screws
  • thin flat head screwdriver for tucking in power wire

The cooling fan used by the Diamond or Saturn enclosure must be 40x40x10mm. For best compatibility we suggest our optional cooling fan (AAFANSD).

1. Insert the cooling fan power connector onto the two pin port labeled "FAN1" on the enclosure PCB. The power connector should be keyed to prevent incorrect insertion onto the pin port.

2. Align the two screw holes on the cooling fan and front panel of the enclosure. Use the included screws and the cross shaped screwdriver to secure the cooling fan onto the front bezel.

3. Using the flat head screwdriver, tuck the cooling fan power wire into the crevice on the right side corner of the enclosure.

4. Tuck in the power connector all along the crevice to the opposite side of the enclosure.