Diamond Enclosure Modification for Multiple Drive Bay Safety

 The benefits of this modification are aimed at users with both the Saturn and Diamond Drive Cradles on their computer systems. Due to the physical similarities in appearance between the Diamond drive cradle and the Saturn drive cradle, a hardware modification can be applied to the Diamond enclosure, preventing insertion of the Diamond enclosure into the Saturn drive cradle. This will prevent possible physical or electrical damage to the enclosure or drive cradle by incorrect insertion.

Procedure and test method for Diamond enclosure

1. Locate the cylinder metal bar which should be included with the Diamond enclosure. Twist the metal bar into the screw hole shown in the image below.

2. Test the enclosure by inserting it into a Saturn drive cradle. The metal bar should prevent the enclosure from being fully inserted. Remove the enclosure and insert it into the Diamond drive cradle. There should be an opening on the drive cradle allowing the Diamond enclosure with the metal bar connected to be fully inserted.