Diamond Hard Drive Kit Q&A

Q1. What are the unique features which make the Diamond Hard Drive Kit stand out in comparison to other drive kits in the market?

A. The Diamond Hard Drive Kit have great adaptability allowing the hard drive contained inside the Diamond enclosure to be used simply as an external hard drive with eSATA interface, a hot swappable drive cartridge using the Diamond Drive Cartridge System, a
removable drive system with the Mobile Rack, or a combination of these spectacular features. The direct SATA bridge technology used to mount the Diamond enclosure into the Diamond drive cradle are designed to protect the SATA data and power connectors on the physical drive against wear and tear in removable drive application while at the same time allow data to directly pass through to the controller for maximum possible hard drive performance.

Q2. There appears to be a SATA connector on the rear end of the Diamond enclosure below the eSATA connector. Can I use this connector for SATA connection?

A. This is not a normal SATA connector as it does not have any outer frame surrounding the connector to secure the cable or maintain the data pin alignment. This connector is designed for data connection to the Diamond drive cradle in removable drive application. Connecting a regular SATA cable to this SATA connector is not recommended as the connecting cable may not be able to make correct alignment or secure connection. For external application, a eSATA cable should be used to connect to the eSATA port on the Diamond drive enclosure.

Q3. What are the differences between each of the Diamond drive cradles?

Certain Diamond cradles have an extra converter board for connection via USB, IDE, or SCSI instead of the standard SATA connector on the Diamond cradle.

Diamond DCS drive cradles - Connects to your mainboard via SATA or USB
Diamond Drive Cradle with no converter Diamond Drive Cradle with SATA-USB Converter(ADSAU2)
Diamond Mobile Rack drive cradles - Connects to your mainboard via IDE or SCSI connection
Diamond Drive Cradle with SATA to IDE Converter(ADSAIDE) Diamond Drive Cradle with SATA-SCSI Converter(ADSALVD160)

Q4. I want to swap hard drive in and out of my computer without restarting my computer, will the Diamond drive kit support this and what components do I need?

A. The Diamond Drive Cartridge System is designed for the hot swapping of drives without rebooting the computer. The Diamond Drive Cartridge System with SATA interface must be connected to a hot-swap compatible SATA controller. If this is not done, the removal or insertion of a Diamond enclosure will cause the system to freeze or reboot.

Q5. I would like additional cooling for my Diamond enclosure. Is this possible?
A. The front bezel of the Diamond enclosure has an area reserved for mounting a 40x40x10mm cooling fan. Please refer to the Installing Cooling Fan on Diamond Enclosures FAQ for more information and instructions.