Diamond Drive Kit and Mobile Rack II LED Controls


This FAQ is meant to clarify common questions relating to LED control for Mobile Rack II and Diamond Hard Drive Kits. The LED controls for both the Mobile Rack II and Diamond Hard Drive Kit are located to the rear of the Drive Cradle. The current versions should contain a left-right switch and a single pin for LED connection.

Diamond Drive Cradle rear Mobile Rack II Drive Cradle rear

The left-right switch's purpose is to designate how the Drive Activity LEDs on the front of the Drive Cradle are controlled.

When the switch is pushed to the LEFT
Drive Activity LED is controlled by hard drive. When data is being accessed on the hard drive, the LED signal coming from the hard drive is sent to the Drive Activity LED on the front end of the Drive Cradle, which will blink rapidly until the drive is no longer being accessed. Most SATAII drives should send the signal for drive activity, but SATAI drives will have to rely on the host controller to provide the signal.

When the switch is pushed to the RIGHT
Drive Activity LED is controlled by host controller (ex. SATA controller, JBOD USB Adapter, Port Multiplier). This is useful when the Diamond Hard Drive Kit or Mobile Rack II is used with a hard drive which is unable to send signal to the Drive Activity LED. When the switch is in this position the LED will not blink if the host controller has no connection to the LED on the cradle, even with a SATAII drive which is capable of sending the signal.

The LED connector shown below can be used to make the connection between the Drive Cradle and host controller.

LED connector
(included with Drive Cradle)


LED connector 1-wire end attached to single pin LED on cradle LED connector 2-wire end attached to a Port Multiplier