Dual CF-SATA Hdd Adapter (AD2SAHDCF) FAQ


Q1. How do I install an operating system onto the Dual CF-SATA Hdd Adapter?
A. The Dual CF-SATA Hdd Adapter should first be connected via USB or SATA interface onto a computer already containing an operating system. Connect both the CF cards, and set the Adapter to the desired RAID setting using the onboard slide switch. Make sure you delete any partitions left on either of the CF cards, so that the entire RAID volume is accessible for the operating system. Please refer to the Booting Operating Systems off a Compact Flash Card section for Windows optimization techniques.

Q2. Is there any notification if either of the CF card fails with RAID1 (Mirrored) Set?
A. When a CF card is removed from the RAID, the third LED lights up as a solid RED color, and the SiI 57XX Steelvine Manager shows a pop-up indicating the reduced RAID set. The Event log shows “Array state critical,” along with Drive number, Drive SN, and Drive Model. When the CF card is connected again, another pop-up shows the drive connected once again. If data has been changed, rebuild of the RAID 1 set should begin automatically (may need to “Scan Drives” to see the process begin). If the rebuild does not begin automatically navigate to the Action menu and select "Start Rebuild" to begin the rebuild process. Once rebuild is completed another pop-up appears and Event log shows “Verify completed”.

Q3. Can the Dual CF-SATA Hdd Adapter be connected onto any SATA port, or only a Port Multiplier compatible SATA port?
A. Yes, the Adapter can be connected onto any SATA port. Both CF cards will become part of the same volume.

Q5. When I change the RAID setting using the slide switch, the new RAID set does not apply.
A. The Adapter must be powered off then back on for the RAID setting to apply. Disconnecting the SATA cable or USB cable with power still being supplied to the Adapter will not refresh the adapter to use the new RAID setting.

Q4. Is it possible to alternate sets of CF cards on the Dual CF-SATA Hdd Adapter?
A. Yes, this can be done using the procedure below.

1. First follow the instructions from the user manual to create a RAID set using the first set of CF cards. As shown below, the capacity is reported at the lower grid labeled with "Volume #0".

2. Once the RAID set has been created on the first two CF cards and they are showing up correctly in the SteelVine Manager, disconnect power to the Adapter and wait for the SteelVine Manager to recognize that the Adapter has been removed (Grid will become empty). Remove the first two CF cards and insert the second set of CF cards. Reconnect the Adapter and wait for the SteelVine Manager detect the two CF cards. The new CF cards will both appear with "Mismatch" as shown below.

3. Disconnect power to the Adapter again, and set the slide switch to "BIG". When the Adapter is reconnected again, the second set of CF cards will now appear as a "BIG" volume. From this point on, any RAID set can be configured on the second set of CF cards as you would with the first set. To use the first set of CF cards again, disconnect power and replace the CF cards into the CF position they were previously, and set the RAID setting slide switch to the previous RAID setting.

Q6. Does the Dual CF-SATA Hdd Adapter support using the CF cards individually?
A. The Adapter has no built in support for using the CF cards individually separate from a RAID set. The only way to use 2 CF cards independently with no RAID is to connect both CF cards through a flash memory reader and create partitions on each. Once this is done connect both the 2 CF cards onto the Adapter and set the RAID setting to "BIG", then all the partitions created previously will still show up, now part of a single volume.

Q7. After reconnecting my two CF cards, why does the Steelvine Manager report "Wrong Slot" and the operating system is unable to recognize the RAID set?
A. CF cards must be connected onto the correct slot after being removed or else the RAID cannot be restored. Steelvine Manager reports “Wrong Slot” when CF card is connected onto the incorrect position on the Adapter.

Q8. Does the Adapter support Type II Compact Flash or MicroDrive?
A. The Adapter can only support Type II Compact Flash / MicroDrive on the P4 (top position) CF slot.

Q9. Does the Dual CF-SATA Hdd Adapter support both fixed disk and removable type CF card?
A. Yes, the Adapter supports both fixed disk and removable type CF card. A combination can also be used to create a RAID set.

Q10. Can I connect multiple Dual CF-SATA Hdd Adapters to one computer?
A. Yes, the SteelVine Manager is able to recognize multiple Adapters; when new Adapters are connected tabs appear in the Manager with assigned serial numbers.