DVD Digi/Copier

Q. Can I use the DVD DigiCopier to make duplicates of rental DVD movies?
A. The DVD DigiCopier cannot copy most rental DVD movies that has copy protection in them. There are DVD copying software available in the market that allows you to make personal backup of the DVD movies using your PC and an internal or external DVD burner. Since the back up copy does not contain any copy protection, the backup copy can then be used as a source for the DVD DigiCopier to make additional copies of backup.

Q. I bought the stand alone model of the DVD DigiCopier. Can I also use it as an external DVD-R/RW burner on my PC?
A. You need to purchase the DVD DigiCopier interface upgrade kit. There are three different kits that come with either a CardBus/PCMCIA interface cable, a USB 2.0 interface cable or a Firewire interface cable Each kit includes DVD/CD recording software and MPEG II DVD playback software. Please check the detail at the DVD DigiCopier product page.

Q. Can I use the DVD DigiCopier to make copies of CD besides DVD material?
A. Yes, DVD DigiCopier is a DVD and CD duplicator.

Q. Can the DVD DigiCopier make copy of both DVD-R and DVD+R media?
A. Yes, the source drive or the DVD Reader in the DVD DigiCopier can read both DVD-R and DVD+R media. But the media that it can copy onto is DVD-R or DVD-RW for the current models.

Q. How do I make firmware upgrade?
A. The firmware can be upgraded by setting the function switch to "6" and place a CD containing the new firmware file onto the DVD reader ( the top drive).