FireWire Cable

Q. I am having problems with my firewire devices under Windows 98SE.
A. Download the firewire update from Microsoft website, for better compatibility. After Plugging the firewire cable, Some system might prompt you for Win98SE CD. In case you don't have the Win98SE CD with you and the wizard prompt you for:

                      a. NTMAP.SYS please type: Solution: C:windowssystem32drivers, then Click OK.
                        b. NTMAPHLP.PDR please type: Solution: C:windowssystemiosubsys, then Click OK.

Q. How can I connect my six pin Male firewire cable to the Addonics Firewire Devices?
A. You can connect the six pin male firewire cable to the Daisy Chain Port of the Addonics Firewire Cable instead to use the device or you can order a cable adapter from