NAS Adapter and Mini NAS Application Compatibility

 While practically any application that supports network drive should find no problem with the storage device attached to the NAS device, there are always possibility of a software compatibility problem that we are not aware of as tt is just not possible to test all the software and application scenarios. We will do our best to update this page with the latest information once we confirmed the problem reported to us.

At this time, we have confirmed the following problems:

  • Certain backup applications cannot make backup directly to the NAS device drive. Below is a summary of our test result on various backup software.
Back up
Software Title
Test Result
Acronis Enterprise pass (can create backup image file up to 123GB)
Acronis Home Edition pass (can create backup image file up to 123GB)
GoodSync pass (save a file as large as 120GB)
Image for Windows pass (tested on a file size up to 58 GB)
Windows NT backup pass for file size up to 10GB
slow performance when file size is over 10GB, it is under investigation
Norton backup failed and is under investigation
EMC retrospect failed and is under investigation
  • Certain version of Firefox browser and Safari browser cannot save the setting on the NAS device administrative screen. We recommend to us IE to make the configuration change. This problem is under investigation and is expected to be corrected with future firmware update.