Securing Notebook CF Adapters


The following instructions show the steps necessary to install a styrofoam wedge into your notebook, preventing the Addonics notebook CF Adapters from possible disconnection during travel. The addition of this styrofoam is usually not necessary as the CF media is very light and the IDE connector makes a very tight connection which is highly unlikely to come loose.

Applicable CF Adapters

The illustration shown here is from a Dell Inspiron Notebook system. The hard drive location and replacement procedures vary with different model Notebook. So the installation may vary slightly.

1. Find the location where the hard drive is stored on the bottom of the laptop. Unfasten any screws securing the hard drive cover, and remove the cover.

2. Disconnect the hard drive by pulling the drive away from the connector. Remove the hard drive.

3. Insert the CF Adapter (with CF card attached) onto the connector. Make sure all the pins are firmly seated onto the IDE or SATA connector.

4. Cut a styrofoam block to the size that fits snuggly into the open area between the CF Adapter and the opposite wall. Dell laptops generally use the following dimensions (3 x 2 x .5 in.).

5. Press the styrofoam insert snugly into the open area behind the CF Adapter. The styrofoam keeps the CF Adapter from disconnecting from the IDE or SATA connector. If necessary, small blocks of styrofoam can be put in to fill the empty space on the sides of the CF adapter.

6. Screw the hard drive cover back onto the hard drive area.