Saturn and Diamond Drive Enclosure Instructions – Front Bezel Mounted Fan

For the Diamond enclosure, the fan power connector can be directly placed into the white socket without the power connector being placed into the incorrect position. The image below indicates the location of the fan power connector on the Diamond enclosure PCB.

For the Saturn drive enclosure, please proceed with the following instructions.

1. Please check the power connector on the interior PCB of the Saturn and Diamond drive enclosures. If the black ground wire is aligned with the positive (+) symbol marked on the PCB, the following steps must be taken before the enclosure can output power to the fan.

2. Note that the PCB has the positive and negative polarities labeled on the board. The Saturn or Diamond Enclosure’s fan must be carefully placed with the correct polarity aligned with the markings on the PCB. Red must be aligned with the positive symbol, and Black must be aligned with the negative symbol.

3. If a fan with the incorrect polarity is found, pull the fan power connector out of the white socket. Use a set of long-nosed pliers to remove the white connector and place it facing the opposite direction. This will allow the fan power connector to be placed in the correct position matching the polarity labeled on the board.

4. After the white socket has been reversed, insert the fan power connector back into the white socket. The red wire should be aligned with the positive marking. Using a flat-head screwdriver, push the fan power connector into the groove on the left side of the drive enclosure. Test whether the fan is working by powering on the enclosure.