Sliding Rails Installation Instructions


This is the procedure to install the Addonics Storage Rack chassis into a 4U-compatible rackmount equipment using the Addonics Sliding Rails (SRRAIL).

You will need the following items:

  • Addonics Storage Rack or other rackmount device
  • 4U-compatible rackmount equipment
  • Large Phillips (cross-shaped) screwdriver
  • Addonics Slide Rail and included accessories (see images below, click for enlarged view)
Slide Rail Rail Bracket Frame Mount Small Screw Large Screw Screw Washer Screw Nut

Installation Procedure:

1. Fully extend Slide Rail so that Inner Rail segment is protruding.

2. On the Inner Rail segment, locate disconnection latch. While the latch is held, pull the Inner Rail segment away from the rest of the Slide Rail to detach it.

3. Hold Inner Rail against rackmount chassis and secure it using the included Small Screws or Large Screws, depending on the type of screw the rackmount chassis accepts. Repeat the process on the opposite end of the the rackmount chassis, making sure the two Inner Rails are aligned.

4. Turn the Slide Rail over to where the screw holes are located. Using the Small Screws, fasten one Rail Bracket to each side of the Slide Rail, positioning according to the distance between the rack frames on the rackmount equipment. It may be worthwhile to keep the screws loose at this point so that the Rail Brackets can be positioned accurately during actual installation. Repeat this step for the other Slide Rail.

5. On the rackmount equipment, secure the L-shaped edge of the Rail Bracket onto one of the front rack frames, using screws included with the rackmount equipment. On the rear end of the rackmount equipment, secure the other Rail Bracket onto the rear rack frame. Repeat this step for the other side of the rackmount equipment.

6. Once both sides of the Slide Rail have been installed onto the rackmount equipment, insert the rackmount chassis by aligning the Inner Rail and the Slide Rail on both sides. The disconnection latch must be held on both Inner Rails in order for the chassis to be fully inserted inside the Slide Rail.