List of Storage Devices that can be installed into the Storage Tower and Mini Storage Tower


 Storage Tower  Mini Storage Tower

5-in-3 Drive Chassis - allow installing five (5) 3.5" devices into the space of three (3) 5.25" drive bays



2.5" or 3.5" SATA HDD/SSD (require optional HDD mounting bracket )

5.25" Optical drive (install directly into 5.25" drive bay)

2.5" or 3.5" SATA HDD / SSD (install directly into the 3.5" drive bay)


 HDD or BD/DVD/CD Duplicator Subsystem

Drive Cartridge System

  • Diamond and Diamond Cipher Drive Cartridge System
  • Ruby and Ruby Cipher Drive Cartridge System (require mounting bracket, AAMK53)
  • Mobile Rack II for SATA Hard Drive
  • Mobile Rack for SATA Hard Drive
  • Saturn Drive Cartridge System

Snap-In SATA Mobile Rack

Ruby Mobile Rack (requires additional mounting bracket, AAMK53)

Multi-media bay

Cipher Snap-In

Disk Array (also called backplane)

CipherChain kit for 3.5" drive bay (requires additional mounting bracket, AAMK53)

Flash Memory Readers / Writers (requires additional mounting bracket, AAMK53)

SATA-CF adapter

IDE-CF adapter or CF adapter PRO

IDE-SD adapter

Drive Cradles

  • Diamond SATA Drive Cradle
  • Mobile Rack II SATA Drive Cradle
  • Mobile Rack SATA Drive Cradle
  • Saturn IDE Drive Cradle

Ruby and Ruby Cipher Drive Cartridge System


Ruby Mobile Rack

Snap-In 25

Flash Memory Readers / Writers

CipherChain kit for 3.5" drive bay

Jupiter and Jupiter Cipher Drive Cartridge System

Drive Cradles

  • Ruby drive cradle