USB HDD/Flash duplicator

1. What kind of USB drive does this duplicator supports?
A. It supports any USB hard drive - 1.8", 2.5" or 3.5", any USB SSD, any thumb drive or any USB flash reader. Also the entire family of Addonics USB flash readers have tested to be compatible with this duplicator.

2. How do I duplicate Compact Flash, SD, Memory Stick using the USB HDD/Flash duplicator?
A. You can attach any USB flash card reader to the USB source port and the target ports. You can then insert the flash card into USB flash card reader. When you press the COPY button, the duplicator will start to detect the media inside the card reader and starts the duplication process.

3. Does this duplicator support SDHC, SDXC and CFast card?
A. Yes as long as the USB card reader supports SDHC and SDXC. For Cfast card, you will need to use a USB CFast card reader  such as the Addonics eSATAp CFast memory adapter.

4. Can I copy data onto a mix of different USB drive?
A. Yes. This is a convenient way to transfer data from a hard drive or any flash card onto different type of flash card or hard drive.

5. Does Addonics provide an adapter for connecting mSATA card or the CFast card to this duplicator?
A. Yes. Addonics offer mSATA- micro SATA adapter and CFast - micro SATA adapter. Once converted to micro SATA, you can then insert the media into the Addonics micro SATA reader, which can be connected to the USB port of the USB HDD/Flash duplicator.