USB Troubleshooting

Q. Computer lock up when plug in the Addonics USB devices
A. This problem most likely caused by the USB is on legacy setting in the BIOS when plug in a USB 2.0 device. Disable the legacy setting should resolve the problem

Q, Booting from USB Port?
A. Addonics USB DVD, CD-ROM, CDRW and hard drives have been tested to boot successfully from the latest version of Phoenix BIOS version 4 release 6. Latest Award BIOS shares similar boot code from Phoenix BIOS and should support the boot function for Addonics USB device.

If you have the latest computer hardware, chances are your BIOS already have the latest boot code from Phoenix Technologies. You should be able to boot from the Addonics USB devices.

To boot from the Addonics USB CD, DVD, CDRW, hard drive or floppy drive, you must prepare the following:

  1. Enable the appropriate USB boot setting in your BIOS.
  2. Have a bootable media inside the drive.
  3. Hard drive must be a bootable drive.

If your BIOS does not support USB booting, please contact your system or motherboard manufacturers for a possible BIOS upgrade.

If you need to use the USB device under DOS, you will need to install the USB DOS driver. Please note that the current DOS driver only operates at USB 1.1 speed.

Please go to following link for the procedures of installing the Windows OS using USB connection.



Support for hard driver larger than 137 GB

Q. My motherboard's onboard IDE controller can support larger hard drives. Does the Addonics USB cable support drives larger than 137 GB?

A. Yes and No, our USB cable support hard drives larger than 137 GB in size if the drive is already partition and Formatted from another connection. If the hard drive is brand new or does not have any partition, connecting it to the USB cable will only give 128G.

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