News 2012
CipherUSB holiday gift - 2012-11-19

"...for $30? Indeed, this product is one of the biggest bargains out there, and a great gift for your friends in the intelligence community - or anyone looking for a little security for data on the go. Highly recommended!"

Port Multiplier Ultra - 2012-08-16

How to Connect Five eSATA Storage Devices To Any PC

Here's a convenient way to multiply direct-attached storage capacity on a laptop or desktop PC or a server.

CipherUSB Gold Silicon Award - 2012-06-25
The solution as a whole is easier to use and more user friendly then other data encryption solutions...This would be an appealing solution for business people who travel, and may need to use multiple laptops, desktops, or tablets to present data on drives.

CipherUSB product review - 2012-04-05

 CipherUSB's low price and simplicity make it a great choice for managing encrypted storage. You can use it to protect anything from a single thumb drive to an office full of removable hard drives. CipherUSB has earned the status of Editors' Choice for hardware-based security..

CipherUSB - 2012-04-05

I would expect the CipherUSB adapter could be very popular in corporate settings.... I can envision everyone in departments such as finance, human resources, and research & development using CipherUSB adapters.

CipherUSB - 2012-04-02

..With no passwords to forget and no possibility of "lead pipe cryptanalysis" being able to work on you, your data is very safe. In fact, there not only is there no password to remember, there is not traces of it left in your PC's memory for hackers to snoop...

RAID Tower XIII - 2012-03-02

Typical use cases for this box would be in a departmental or remote office environment where the server provided easily accessible eSATA or USB 3.0 ports. Adding the Addonics RAID Tower XIII in these scenarios takes literally minutes.