If you’ve been enjoying the data transfer rate of eSATA connections but have been a bit frustrated about having to use another power source to connect your devices, eSATAp is the answer you’re looking for. An eSATAp connection is essentially an upgrade over the previous eSATA interface by providing what its predecessor lacked, power. eSATAp cables provide power through a eSATA/USB combo port which connects to both new eSATAp and old eSATA ports. Besides having better transfer rates than the USB, connecting a portable device such as an external hard drive through an eSATAp connection will show up on your computer as an internal device. So what does this mean? Since eSATAp allows for external devices to be read as internal devices, your external hard drive can be used to boot your computer. Tired of Windows 7 and want to go back to XP? Configure your computer to boot from the external drive and it’s done! Since its release, eSATAp ports have been included on both laptop and desktop machines, if you’ve purchased a computer recently, you probably have one on yours.

Even though the eSATAp connection provides power, it’s still not as widely used as your typical USB. Why? Maybe eSATAp doesn’t sound as cool as USB? Maybe consumers don’t understand it enough to accept it as a standard yet. There could be a number of factors affecting its popularity. Regardless though, what is absolutely certain about eSATAp is when connecting your portable devices (drive enclosures, optical drives, flash memory readers, etc.) through an eSATAp connection, it outperforms a USB connection in every aspect.

Addonics’ Universal eSATAp cable is designed to connect any 5V eSATAp/eSATA storage device to the eSATAp/eSATA port on any computer or laptop. When you use our eSATAp cables, you don’t have to worry if you you’re connecting to a device with a regular eSATA port. Our cables come attached with a power cable, allowing you to power your portable devices with this single cable. Not sure what kind of power port your portable device uses? Our power tips can work for almost any power port, great for using the same cable for multiple devices with different power ports.

Get onboard with the latest in data transfer technology, visit our website http://www.addonics.com/products/other/AAUESP5100C.asp to learn more about eSATAp and how to order.

Universal eSATAp Cable with 5 Power Tips

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