CFast is exactly that, Fast! While still retaining the small size of compact flash (CF)
cards, CFast cards can go at a blazing max speed of 300 MB/sec and is the next big
trend in flash media technology. See for yourself with this article from the Compact
Flash Association,

CFast cards retain all the perks of its predecessor (unfortunately CFast cards aren’t
backwards compatible to regular CF), CFast cards are highly reliable, can transfer all

types of digital information, has extremely low power consumption and being a
solid state design, it can withstand a 10ft drop, giving it great
environmental toughness. Being able tohot swap gives it the
ability to provide maximum system uptime and
its embedded applications provide
a host of solutions ranging from
interacting with small devices to
running full kiosk systems. Since
CFast cards are SATA based,
computers will recognize the
cards as internal drives, great for
on-the-go OS booting.

Addonics provides you with all the CFast hardware and accessories you’ll need. Our array of CFast adapters can be used with
any CFast card and provides you with the exact interface you’re looking for. We have industrial CFast cards that range from 4GB
to 32GB, reliable from -40°C to 85°C, has 2,500,00 hours MTBF and transfer twice as fast as regular CF cards.

For more information about our CFast solutions take a look on our website:
CFast Adapters
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