Port Multiplier – A New Generation of Storage Solution
Port Multipliers can be used to create new storage solutions for a wide range of computing applications. Besides the basic function of connecting more SATA storage devices to systems with limited SATA ports, other useful features such as RAID and USB connection have also been incorporated into different Port Multiplier designs. Using Port Multipliers that have a built-in hardware RAID accelerator, you can build a high performance external RAID storages with drive volumes in excess of 10 TB and a through-put of more than 200 MB/sec. Some Port Multipliers are also designed to support SATA optical devices. These various features make the Port Multiplier a very useful tool in customizing your storage solution.

Benefits of the Port Multiplier:

  • Increase the number of SATA devices which can be connected onto a single controller.
  • Reduce the amount of cabling required to connect an array of SATA devices.
  • Available with built-in hardware RAID accelerators for combining multiple drives to form a single large drive volume with redundancy for higher reliability.
  • A tool to create high performance and large capacity external storage solution as illustrated by the Addonics family of RAID Towers (www.addonics.com/products/raid_tower/raid_tower.asp).
  • Port Multipliers are not only limited to SATA or eSATA interface.

Addonics offer a wide selection of Port Multipliers with various features and price to meet almost all kind of storage requirements. These Port Multipliers come in a very compact electronic module that you can mount inside a PC system or most multi-bay storage enclosures. Below is a snapshot of some of the port multipliers that we’re offering:

For more detail see all our Port Multipliers: www.addonics.com/products/pm/
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