Cloud Storage Solution

Cloud storage has become a hot news topic nowadays. The appeal in Cloud storage is that you can access your data anywhere you go via internet connection. It is a central data repository for all your computers and mobile devices. Many companies have jumped into the Cloud Storage band wagon by offering limited free storage space upfront and a small monthly fee for additional storage space.

This centralized data repository with 3rd party service provider also poses other issues such as:

  • The reliance of internet connection to access data
  • Slow data transfer when you have a low bandwidth internet connection
  • The monthly expense to store and access your data as your storage space requirement grows
  • Data security – large Cloud storage service providers are big targets for hackers, some employees at the
    service providers as well as the ‘big brothers’ can always access your private data.

How about setting up your own Cloud storage without some of the issues associated with the third party hosted service? Addonics latest NAS 3.0 adapter can let you build your own private Cloud storage easily within minutes. Besides enable the sharing of any USB storage over the LAN, the NAS 3.0 adapter, via the built-in WebDAV server, also enables the sharing of the data in a USB storage device over the WAN. Once set up, any computer can access WebDAV server using a WebDAV client, which comes built-in on the latest Windows OS. Free WebDAV client software is also available for Mac OS, Linux, iPhone and Android devices. When you are at home or your office, you can access the USB hard drive via the local area network connection at a much faster speed than most internet connection. Best of all, your data in you own private Cloud storage is secured away from any prying eyes or even the ‘big brothers’. You can add storage as your need grows without any recurring monthly fee.

For more detail see our NAS 3.0
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