Product Announcements
Mini Storage Tower - 2006-11-07

Addonics Mini Storage Tower Lets You Mix, Match 3.5 inch and 2.5 inch Hard Drives Support for Infiniband Multilane, Multiple Operating Systems and Interfaces.

Snap-In SATA Mobile Rack - 2006-10-11

Addonics announces its Snap-In SATA Mobile Rack, a removable hard drive system that allows easy hot swapping of 3.5-inch SATA hard drives.

IDE JBOD/RAID PCI-E Controller - 2006-08-05

Addonics Announces IDE JBOD/RAID PCI-E Controller, the USB 2.0 to eSATA Adapter and a PCI-E to ExpressCard Controller

Cipher UDD - 2006-07-20

New Addonics Flash Reader/Writer Provides Full Media Encryption for many popular Flash Media

Jupiter Hard Drive Kit - 2006-06-08

Addonics New Jupiter Hard Drive Enclosure Features Rugged Anodized Aluminum Housing, Shock Protection and Bullet Proof Hardware Encryption for 2.5 inch IDE Drives

JBOD USB 2.0 Controller - 2006-03-22

Addonics Announces JBOD Product Family for MultiTerabyte Storage Solutions -
New products include JBOD USB 2.0 ControllerĶ¾ SATA Port Multiplier plus RAID5 controller, and Dual Port IDE to SCSI Adapter

Toshiba 1.8inch to 2.5inch Converter - 2006-02-03

Addonics Conversion Kit Allows Toshiba 1/8-inch Hard Drivesto Attach to Any Computer

Saturn Cipher Hard Drive Kit - 2006-01-03

Addonics Announces the Saturn Cipher Hard Drive Encryption Solution