Product Announcements
Zebra Blu-ray / HD DVD Player - 2007-12-13

Addonics Technologies today announced its Zebra Blu-ray / HD DVD Player an optical storage solution that allows your PC to play Blu-ray and HD DVD movies from the same tray.

Quad CF PCI Controller - 2007-10-23

Addonics Technologies today announced a PCI adapter that can add as many as four Compact Flash (CF) cards to any system with RAID redundancy support.

ExpressCard Cardbus Adapter - 2007-09-25

Addonics Technologies today announced an ExpressCard adapter that allows users to run all their CardBus peripherals through the high-speed ExpressCard port.

4 Port RAID5/JBOD PCI-E 8x Controller - 2007-08-14

Addonics Technologies today announced a performance boosting 4 Port eSATA RAID5/JBOD PCI-E 8x Controller, which provides the horsepower to process high-def video and other applications that require maximum throughput using external storage devices.

IDE to SD Adapter - 2007-07-10

Addonics Technologies today announced an IDE to SD Adapter, which allows users to read/write as well as boot their system off multiple flash media types from the IDE port.

Diamond Hard Drive Kit - 2007-05-30

Addonics Technologies today announced a hard drive kit with built-in eSATA and SATA connectors, which allow users to easily connect an external SATA hard drive to a system or use any SATA hard drive as a removable cartridge drive.

eSATA HPM - 2007-04-30

Addonics Technologies today announced a 5x1 eSATA Hardware Port Multiplier (HPM), which allows up to five drives to be connected to any computer via a standard eSATA port for expanded storage and high speed 3GB/sec. throughput for a wide range of applications.

CF Hard Drive Adapters - 2007-04-03

Addonics Technologies has announced a family of CF Hard Drive Adapters, which allow users to replace 2.5-inch IDE/SATA hard drives with shock/vibration resistant and less power-hungry Compact Flash (CF) media.

Saturn Hard Drive Kit - 2007-02-07

Addonics Technologies today announced the Saturn Drive Cartridge System (SDCS), a high-capacity removable storage solution that allows users to hot wap cartridges just like they were a video cassette.