Product Announcements
Addonics family SSD - 2015-10-28

Addonics Technologies today announced a new family of SSDs that support the CFast, mSATA and M2 form factors in both Industrial or Enterprise class grades.

6G 4-port eSATA controller - 2015-08-25

Addonics Technologies today announced the 6G 4-port eSATA controller, a high performance host adapter that provides total 
throughput of up to 20 Gbps (20,000 Mbps) via single PCIe 4-lane slot.

SATA - USB 3.1 Rack-mount converter - 2015-07-22

Addonics Technologies today announced a rack-mount SATA to USB 3.1 Converter, which allows users to turn any SATA device into the latest SuperSpeed+ USB 3.1 storage. 

USB 3.1 2-port PCIe 2X controller - 2015-06-24

Addonics Announces the SuperSpeed and Inexpensive USB 3.1 PCIe 2X Controller

M2 SSD Controllers/Adapters - 2015-05-12

Addonics Technologies today announced a M2 Hybrid Controller and M2 SSD (Solid State Drive) adapter that gives PCIe-based systems a performance boost over SATA-based SSDs with READ/WRITE speeds  up to 1000 MB/s via a PCIe 4-lane slot. 


Sapphire Combo Storage - 2015-02-02

Addonics Technologies  today announced the Sapphire Combo Blu-ray/HDD and Sapphire Combo DVD-RRW/HDD. These two new products will let users combine optical and hard drive storage into one small package.