44 pin - 40 pin IDE cable

Convert IDE 44 pin male  to IDE 40 pin male with 4P female molex power connector

  • connect storage device with 44 pin IDE with standard 40-pin IDE cable
  • 4P female molex power connector to provide power to the 44-pin storage device


Connect 2.5" IDE hard drive or SSD to standard 40-pin IDE commonly found on most Desktop system


AA25IDE35 - (2.5" - 3.5" IDE connector kit)
AA25IDE35 Converter connector for 2.5" or 1.8" (Hitachi only) to 3.5" IDE hard drive. Enable 2.5" IDE hard drive to be used as standard 3.5" IDE hard drive on Desktop, Server or rack mounted system.
Price: 4.99


AAIDE80-3 (3" ATA66/100/133 flat ribbon cable)
AAIDE80-3 UDMA IDE 80-pin ribbon cable with 40-pin female connector at each end of the cable. Total length 3". Replacement drive interface cable for the Addonics DigiCopier.
Price: 3.00
AAIDE80-8 (8" ATA66/100/133 flat ribbon cable)
AAIDE80-8 UDMA IDE ribbon cable, 8" with 40-pin female IDE connector on each end. Replacement part for Storage Tower with USIB connector. Good for ATA33/66/100/133 IDE hard drives
Price: 3.99
AAIDE80-18 (18" ATA66/100/133 flat ribbon cable)
AAIDE80-18 18" UDMA IDE interface cable with 40-pin female connector at each end of the cable. Good for ATA66/100/133 IDE or ATAPI drives
Price: 4.50