4P Power to 15-pin SATA Power Cable

To power any device with a 15-pin SATA power cable using 4-pin Molex power source.

Choice of two models:

AA4PSAPC - for standard 4P Molex to SATA 15-PIN power cable, cable length ~ 6 inches

AA25SNAPC - power cable for the following models of 2.5" Snap-in Mobile Rack: AE25SNAP2SAAE25SNSP, OM25SNSA, OM25SNSA-S, OM25SNSP


AA4PSAPCBL - (15P SATA female - 4P female power cable)
Content: power connector cable for standard 4P power to 15-pin SATA power
Price: 2.99
AA25SNAPC - (15pin SATA female - 4P power cable with latching clip on SATA power connector)
Content: Power cable with latching clip for SATA power connector. Replacement power cable for AE25SNAP2SA, AE25SNSP, OM25SNSA, OM25SNSA-S, OM25SNSP
Price: 3.40