40 x 40 mm cooling fan

A family of 40x40mm fans for Diamond, Saturn, Snap-In Mobile Rack,  Snap-In Mobile Rack II, Mobile Rack II enclosure, Mobile Rack III, Sapphire or Z series Drive Enclosure.

Compatible with following drive enclosures and Mobile Rack:


  • Diamond drive enclosure - model: DSACSB, DICSB, all models of Sapphire and Z series of enclosures
  • Saturn Drive enclosures - model: AASSAUSCS, AASIUSCS
  • Mobile Rack II enclosure - model: AAHDSA35CS-R, AENRHDSA35-R


model: AAFANMR
  • Snap-In Mobile Rack - model: AESNAPMRSA



  • Snap-In Mobile Rack II for 3.5" SATA HDD - model: AESNMRS
  • Mobile Rack III for 3.5" SATA HDD - model: AEAMR35SA


AAFANSD - (cooling fan for Diamond / Saturn encl.)
40x40mm fan mountable onto the front of any Diamond drive enclosure (DSACSB or DICSB) or Saturn drive Enclosure, the rear of the Sapphire family enclosures or the Mobile Rack II drive enclosure (AAHDSA35CS-R)
Price: 4.00
AAFANMR - (cooling fan for AESNAPMRSA)
Replacement cooling fan for AESNAPMRSA
Price: 4.00
AAFANSNMR2 - (cooling fan for AESNMRS)
Cooling fan for Snap-In Mobile Rack II (model: AESNMRS) or Mobile Rack III (Model: AEAMR35SA)
Price: 6.00