External mini SAS - Infiniband (Multiane) cable

External mini SAS (SFF-8088) to to Infiniband Multilane (SFF-8470) . Choice of 150 cm. and 300 cm. cable length.

  • For connecting system with external mini SAS (SFF-8088) port to storage device with Multilane connector (SFF-8470) or vice versa
  • Great for connecting Addonics storage with Multilane connector to system with mini SAS connector or storage with external mini SAS to system with Multilane connector
  • Choice of 150 cm. (4.5 ft.) or 300 cm. (9 ft.) cable length


Connecting cables to convert External Mini SAS (SFF-8088) to Multilane connector (SFF-8470)
(model: AAMSIB150 (150 cm), AAMSIB300 (300 cm) )

RoHs compliant


AAMSIB300 - (Mini SAS to InfiniBand cable, 300 cm)
External mini SAS (SFF-8088) to InfiniBand connector (SFF-8470) cable, 300 cm (~9.8 ft.)
Price: 79.00