110/240 AC/DC 5V2A Power Adapter

Center positive models - for the Addonics Pocket DVD+/RRW/DL, Pocket Blu-ray drive, Ruby ExDrive, all NAS adapters, external Port Multipliers.

Center Centenegative models - for the Addonics Pocket UDD, UDD II and micro SATA DigiDrive

  • AC Input: 100 - 240V / 2A, 47 - 63Hz
  • DC Output: +5V / 2.0A 
    • center positive for model: AAPAC5V, AAPAC5V-EU, AAPAC5V-UK, AAPAC5V-AU
    • center negative for model: AAPAC5VCN, AAPAC5VCN-EU, AAPAC5VCN-UK, AAPAC5VCN-AU
  • Output cable Length: ~ 6 feet (182 cm.)
  • Connector Type: 
    • Input - two prongs (US standard), (optional UK, European and Australia plug)
    • Output - 1.35*3.5 mm plug, center positive models
    • Output - 0.7 * 2.1 mm plug, center negative models
  • Dimension (W x L x H) and weight:
    • Model AAPAC5V and AAPAC5VCN ~ 38 x 27 x 57 mm (1.5 x 1.06 x 2.24 in.), 91g (3.2 0z.)
  • Safety Regulation: World wide certification including UL (C and US), CE, GS, TUV
  • RoHS Compliant


AAPAC5V - (US type 5V/2A AC adapter)
AAPAC5V 110/220V-5V power adapter. For use with all Addonics Pocket Series devices except Pocket UDD and Mini ExDrive USB 2.0
Price: 12.95
AAPAC5V-EU - (EU 110/220 AC/DC 5V adapter)
AAPAC5V-EU 110/220V AC/DC 5V power adapter with European plug style.
Price: 12.95
AAPAC5V-AU - (Australia 110/220 AC/DC 5V adapter)
AAPAC5V-AU 110/220V AC/DC 5V power adapter with Australia Style plug
Price: 12.95
AAPAC5V-UK - (UK 110/220V AC/DC 5V power adapter)
AAPAV5V-UK 110/220V AC/DC 5V power adapter with UK style plug
Price: 12.95
AAPAC5VCN - (5V Power Adapter with center negative)
5V Power adapter center negative. For use on Addonics Pocket UDD, 4-slot UDD and Pocket eSATA/USB DigiDrive
Price: 16.00


110/240V AC/DC 5V2A power adapter
Applies to: AAPAC5V, AAPAC5VCN