SATA 22-pin male to SATA 7-pin + SATA power

8 inch SATA data and power cable with SATA 22-pin male connector on one end and SATA 7-pin male + SATA 15-pin power male connectos on the opposite end.


  • Cable to convert SATA 22-pin female connector to SATA 7-pin female and SATA power 15-pin female connectors
  • High performance SATA cable to ensure stable connection of 6G storage device to 6G SATA port
  • Tested to work reliably with 6G PM and Addonicvs 6G host controllers
  • Low profile SATA connector allowing the cable to fit into tight space
  • SATA 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 compliant
  • Support full SATA transfer rate up to 6Gbps
  • ~ 8 in. (20.3 cm) cable length
  • ~ 8 in. (20.3 cm) cable length
  • connectors
    • SATA 22-pin male on one end
    • SATA 7-pin female and SATA 15-pin female on opposite end
  • cable wire guage
    • power cable - 18AWG
    • SATA data cable - 26AWG
  • RoHS compliant


AASA22PMF-2 - (22-PIN SATA - 15-pin power+ 7-pin SATA)
Content: 22-pin SATA power and data male to 7-pin SATA female and 15-pin SATA power female converter cable, 8"
Price: 4.99