Multi-function Drive Rack

This Multi-function Drive Rack is a perfect tool to pack more storage devices into any Desktop or small footprint computer. Mounted into a standard 5 1/4" drive bay, this Multi-function Drive Rack allows you to install a standard 3.5" type storage devices and a slim drive into one single drive bay. For Example, by installing an Addonics Snap-In Double drive into the lower compartment and a slim Blu-ray burner into the upper compartmentof this Multi-function drive rack, you can now have blu-ray burner and two 2.5" removable drive cartridge all inside a single 5¼ bay.

In addition, the Multi-function Drive Rack is designed with an isolation mount to dampen vibration or shock, making this an ideal drive mounting solution for transportation application or factory environment.

* For the shock mount mechanism to function properly, be sure there is at least a 1 mm space
above and below the front bezel of the Multi-function Drive Rack.


Illustration of devices which can be installed into this Multi-function Drive Rack


Below are are examples of combination of different devices installed into this Multi-function Drive Rack

Slim DVD burner / dual 2.5" Snap-In Combo

slim DVD burner / 2.5" Emerald DCS Combo
slim CFast card reader / Ruby II DCS Combo


The entire assembly can now be installed into a standard 5¼ inch drive bay commonly available in most computer chassis.

  • Install any slim optical drive and 3.5" storage device into a single 5¼" drive bay
  • Mount into standard 5¼" drive bay
  • Supported storage device for the lower 3.5" bay -
    • most 2.5" mobile rack including addonics 2.5" Snap-In Double Drive, Ruby 2 Drive Cartridge, Emerald 2.5" Drive Cartridge,
    • 3.5" bay flash reader such as Addonics UDD25
  • Supported storage devices for the upper slim CD bay -
    • most 9 mm height slim optical drives,
    • Addonics slim bay storage - CF reader, CFast reader, CipherChain
  • Rugged steel construction for rough handling and fast cooling
  • Suspension mount to protect against vibration and shock
  • Standard 9 mm height slim CD bay on top slot
  • standard 3.5" drive bay for bottom slot
  • Removable slim CD bay bezel
  • Dimensions (W) x (D) x (H) : ~ 5.83 x 7.2 x 1.65 in. (148 x 183 x 42 mm.)
  • Weight: ~ 8.6 oz. (245g)
  • Operating temperature and humidity: 0 - 55 °C, 5 - 90% RH
  • Storage temperature and humidity: 0 - 65 °C, 5 - 95% RH (non-condensing)




AASOD35HDBK - (Multi-function Drive Rack)
Content: Multi-function drive rack, user guide
Price: 19.99


AE25SNAP2SA (Dual Snap-In mobile rack for 2.5" hdd)
Snap-In Double Drive, two 18inch internal SATA cables, two 4-pin molex to 15-pin SATA power connector converter cables, User Manual,
Price: 39.95
AE25SNSP (2.5" Snap-In Mobile Rack, shock proof)
Shock Proof 2.5inch Snap-In Mobile Rack, 18inch internal SATA cable, 4-pin molex to 15-pin SATA power connector converter cable, drive door lock key, mounting screws, protective film for hard drive, user manual,
Price: 25.00
EM25DCS (Emerald 2.5" Drive Cartridge System)
Content: Emerald 2.5" Drive Cartridge System, one 18-in SATA cable, a pair of keys, user guide
Price: 35.00
UDD25SU3 (Internal UDD25, SATA/USB 3.0)
Content: Internal UDD25 with SATA / USB 3.0 connection, 18" high performance SATA cable (AAHPISC18), 24" USB 3.0 male A - USB 3.0 header cable (AAU3AMH), 18" USB 2.0 A male - 5-pin header male cable (AAUSB51M), 1M USB 2.0 female pin header cable (AA5PUSBCL-3F), user guide.
Price: 49.00
R2DCS (Ruby 2 DCS for 2.5" HDD, SATA interface)
content: Ruby II external hard drive enclosure (R2SCB), Ruby drive cardle (RSABYB6G), 18" SATA cable (AAHPISC18), user guide.
Price: 54.50
ADSACFSB (Slim SATA CF card reader)
Content: Slim bay SATA - CF card reader, 18" SATA cable, 4P-15P SATA power cable, 5 slim CD mounting screws, user guide
Price: 28.99
ADCFASTSB (Slim SATA CFast card Reader/Writer)
Content: Slim SATA CFast card reader/writer, 18" SATA cable, 4P-15P SATA power cable, 5 slim CD mounting screws, user guide
Price: 26.99
CCMSCD1 (CipherChain ECB kit on slim CD bracket)
Contents: Single CipherChain ECB module on slim CD bay bracket, 1 pair of AES 256-bit Cipher keys, Floppy Y-power cable, 18-inch internal Serial ATA cable, user guide,
Price: 65.00
CCMSCD2 (Dual CipherChain ECB kits on slim CD bracket)
Contents: Dual CipherChain ECB modules on slim CD bay bracket, 2 pairs of AES 256-bit Cipher keys, Floppy Y-power cable, two 18-inch internal Serial ATA cables, user guide,
Price: 119.00