USB type C - USB A converter

Many new portable device such as Smart phone, Tablets and Notebook system are equipped with the latest USB type C port. This adapter enables connecting any USB device with the standard type A connector into the new USB type C port. You can attach your regular USB Flash drive, printer or other USB equipment using a standard USB cable with USB A male connector.


  • Connect any USB devices with USB A male connector to USB type C port
  • compact size - about the size of a USB type A connector
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 30 x 14 x 7 mm.
  • Weight: 2 gm.




AAUSBC-A - (USB type C to USB type A converter)
AAUSBC-A Adapter to connect any USB device to USB type C connector using standard USB cable (that has USB type A mate connector)
Price: 9.00


AAU3AB6F (USB 3.0 male A- male B cable 6 feet)
6 feet USB 3.0 male A- male B cable.
Price: 9.99
AAU3AA3F (USB 3.0 male A- male A cable, 3 feet)
AAU3AA3F    3 feet USB 3.0 male A- male A cable.
Price: 6.99
Applies to: AAUSBC-A

- USB type C - USB A converter