1.8" ZIF - CF Adapter

Replace the ZIF hard drive contained inside your Apple iPOD or many portable devices with the fast, reliable, and high speed Compact Flash supporting UDMA4 for up to 40MB/s transfer rate.

2008-05-12 ZIF to CF Adapter

If you've got a dead iPod that's still loaded with files, this adapter will allow you to gain access to all of those files that would otherwise be lost.

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  • Install Compact Flash into a device which uses a 1.8" hard drive with ZIF connector
  • Can be used like a 2.5" hard drive using the optional ZIF to 2.5" IDE connector converter
  • Compatible with Apple iPOD&trade
  • Can be installed into laptops which use 1.8" ZIF connector
  • Current Compact Flash speeds support up to 40MB/s with UDMA4
  • Supports PIO, DMA, UDMA depending on type of Compact Flash installed
  • OS independent
  • Fully RoHS compliant
1.8" ZIF
Supported media Type I/II CF, Micro Drive
Maximum Read / Write Speed: Depends on the media
OS Support: Any OS that supports IDE storage
Dimensions: (W x D x H) - 54 x 7 x 58 mm with CF card attached
Power: Power from ZIF interface
Operating Temperature 0 °C to + 75 °C
Operating Humidity: 5% - 95% (non condensing)
Storage Temperature: -40 °C to + 85 °C
Storage Humidity: 5% - 95%
Warranty: One Year


ADZIFCF - (ZIF IDE CF adapter)
1.8inch ZIF - CF Adapter, User Manual,
Price: 23.99


AAT18ZIF25 (Toshiba 1.8" ZIF to 2.5" IDE connector)
AAT18ZIF25 1.8" ZIF hdd to 2.5" IDE 44-pin converter for Toshiba 1.8" hard drive. Designed for iPOD or 1.8" Notebook hard drive with ZIF connector.
Price: 17.99
1.8" ZIF - CF Adapter
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