2.5" Snap-In SP

The 2.5" Snap-In SP is a perfect solution for storage applications in mobile computing, transportation or for equipment that operates in environments with frequent shocks and vibrations. Built on the same reliable and convenient removable mechanism as the Snap-In Double Drive, the 2.5" Snap-In SP is the shock proof version that adds protection to your hard drive against damage from shock and vibration. Designed to fit inside a standard 3.5" drive bay, the 2.5" Snap-In SP also comes with a lock mechanism to lock down the drive door. By connecting to a hot swappable SATA controller, hard drives can be easily added or removed from the system just like an ordinary cassette tape.

2008-05-06 Snap-In ExDrive 25

The Addonics Snap-In ExDrive25 is an attractive unit that features a very easy way to change out drives.

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2008-04-25 Snap-In ExDrive 25

The drive enclosure is extremely user-friendly. Users can directly the drive inside the 2.5-inch bay, then start using it on the fly. To maximize the installation efficiency, Addonics' enclosure needs no additional tools or screws for the installation part.

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  • One drive slot to accommodate any 2.5" SATA hard drive or SSD drive of 9mm - 9.5mm height
  • Support SATA I, II and III HDD/SSD
  • Installs into standard 3.5" drive bay or 5 1/4" drive bay with optional adapter bracket (model: AAMK35)
  • Shock mounted drive tray to protect hard drive against shock and vibration damage
  • Key lock on drive door to lock the drive in place
  • Add or remove hard drive from system like tape cartridge without any special tool
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • LEDs for power and drive activity
  • Supports hot swap (when connects to a controller with this feature)
  • Plug and play
  • OS independent
Support drive type
2.5" SATA I / II / III hard drive or SSD with drive thickness not more than 9.5 mm
Interface Type:
7-pin SATA and 15-pin SATA power combo connector (same type of connector as found in standard SATA HDD)
Shock and vibration protection

up to 2.5 feet vertical

Maximum transfer rate
 6 Gbps
Construction material:
metal frame
Power(Blue) and Drive Activity(Orange) LED
Supported OS
Any OS that support SATA drive
Power Supply:
15-pin SATA or 4-pin Molex power connector source
Dimensions (L x W x H):
133mm x 101.6mm x 24mm (5.25 in. x 4 in.x 0.94 in)     Click for detail mechanical drawing
237g (0.52lb)
Operating Temperature:
Range: 0C to +65C
Operating Humidity:
5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature:
Range: -30C to +60C
Storage Humidity:
5% to 90%
One Year



2.5inch Snap-In
Applies to: AE25SNSP, AE25SNSP-O

Protect Your Hard Drive Against Vibration and Shock