Mobile Rack

The new Addonics Mobile Rack for Serial ATA hard drive is a removable hard drive kit that instantly turns any Serial ATA hard drive into a hot swap removable hard drive without any special tool or complicated cabling. This hard drive kit offers several unique features that are not found in many removable hard drive kits. To provide efficient cooling for the high RPM Serial ATA hard drive, high air flow is forced to flow through the drive enclosure by an innovative fan system located at the bottom of the drive cradle. The drive cradle is also equipped with a unique pass through Serial ATA and power connectors that turns any internal Serial ATA port inside a computer into an external Serial ATA port. The external Serial ATA port, couples with the Addonics External Serial ATA interface cable, enable you to connect an external Serial hard drive, or any Addonics Mobile or Pocket series DVD, CDRW, DVD-RRW via the high speed Serial ATA connection, just as simple as attaching a USB storage device to a system.



The Serial ATA hard drive in the enclosure of this mobile rack can be used independently as an external hard drive simply by attaching the Addonics optional Serial ATA power adapter and the external Serial ATA cable, open up a flexible storage solution that you have never imagined.

To match the color of your computers, you also have a choice of black or ivory color.

  • Support any 3.5" Serial ATA I/II/III hard drive 
  • Innovative bottom fan system for fast cooling
  • Pass through Serial ATA and Power port at the front of drive cradle
  • Point to point Serial ATA connection (no cable to connect hard drive to enclosure)
  • Power and hard drive access* indicators
  • Install into any 5 1/4" drive bay as a removable hard drive
  • Hot swappable (1), hard drive can be removed or add to the system without restarting*
  • Convert any Serial ATA hard drive into an external Serial ATA hard drive with the optional Serial ATA power adapter and external Serial ATA cable
  • OS independent
  • Simple installation

*for the second generation of Mobile Racks with various improvements, click on the link for Saturn Mobile Rack

* Drive access signal is from Serial ATA controller. The primary drive (usually the drive C) cannot be removed from the system.
(1) Serial ATA hot swap feature works only with controllers basing on Silicon Image chip set from our inhouse testing. Other controllers that are not Silicon Image based may not support hot swap. You may consider adding one of the Addonics Serial ATA host controllers to your systems to ensure the hot swap capability. New controllers from Intel and other suppliers may finally support this feature. Please verify with your controller manufacturer if you need to have hot swap in your application. Hot swap is supported in Windows 2000 and XP only. On other OS, drive can be removed without crashing system. But replacing with a different drive can result in crashing the OS.

Supported Drive Type:
3.5" Serial ATA Hard Drive
Interface connector :

Serial ATA

Power connectors: 15-pin and 4-pin connectors
Other connectors: Pass through external Serial ATA power connector and Serial ATA port on drive cradle
Power source:

PC power supply when used as removable hard drive

Power control: ON/OFF switch on drive cradle
Lock: Keyless turn button on drive enclosure
Power indicator:

LED on Drive cradle

Hard drive access indicator: LED on Drive cradle
Cooling fan: 1 fan at bottom of drive cradle
Dimensions: 7.28 x 5.75 x 1.65 in (190 x 146 x 42 mm)
Weight: 12 oz (drive enclosure and drive cradle set)
Warranty: One Year

System Requirements

  • PC/AT or Compatible System
  • One available 5 1/4" drive bay (for drive cradle installation)
  • One Serial ATA port
  • 486, Pentium or greater


AENRHDSA35-A - (Mobile Rack 3.5" SATA, black ABS plastic)
Drive enclosure (AAHDSA35CS), Drive Cradle (AAHDSA35BY),
Price: 23.00
AENRHDSA35W - (Mobile Rack 3.5" SATA, ivory ABS plastic)
Drive enclosure (AAHDSA35CSW), Drive Cradle (AAHDSA35BYW),
Price: 23.00


AAHDSA35BY-A (3.5" SATA HD cradle, blk, no front SATA)
AAHDSA35BY-A Removable hard drive cradle for 3.5" Serial ATA hard drive. No pass through SATA port in front. Fits standard 5 1/4" drive bay. Designed to work with the Mobile rack enclosure part # AAHDSA35CS and Combo Hard Drive part # AECHDSA35
Price: 17.00
AAHDSA35CSW (Mobile rack 3.5" SATA HD encl (ivory))
AAHDSA35CSW Mobile Rack enclosure for 3.5" SATA hard drive, ivory color
Price: 9.00
AAHDSA35BYW (Mobile rack cradle (ivory), 3.5" SATA HD)
AAHDSA35BYW Mobile Rack drive cradle (ivory color), for 3.5" SATA hard drive
Price: 17.00
AASAEDC3F (External SATA data cable, 100 cm.)
AASAEDC3F 100 cm. external Serial ATA cable with standard SATA conncectors on both ends of the cable. Constructed with heavy duty shielding and connector to ensure reliable connection to external data storage devices.
Price: 9.00
Mobile Rack