iSCSI Subsystem with Snapshot Firmware

iSCSI Subsystem Overview

The Addonics iSCSI Subsystem is the first in our lineup of high performance iSCSI storage appliances. It is a dedicated RAID/iSCSI unit with integrated hardware RAID controller that delivers enterprise class iSCSI features. Comes in a 5.25" drive form factor steel housing with LCD display at the front, the iSCSI subsystem supports up to eight SATA 1.5Gbps or 3.0Gbps hard drives, with the ability to connect a potentially unlimited amount of volumes using Hardware Port Multipliers. The mainboard boasts two Gigabit (1000Mbit) Ethernet ports with load balancing and fail-over for high availability, ensuring the integrity of mission critical data over extended periods of time.

Designed to fit inside a standard 5 1/4 drive bay, the iSCSI subsystem can be installed into many Desktop enclosures, rack mounted systems, Addonics Storage Tower or Storage Rack. You can customize your own Multi-Tera bytes storage farm with powerful RAID and expansion capability utilizing Addonics family of Port Multipliers, Disk Array back planes and removable drive systems.

To learn more about the iSCSI technology, please visit our tutorial page.


Now available with choice of 8 or 16 SATA ports

note: Storage Rack, Storage Tower, and Storage Tower II are Addonics storage solutions. Picture of desktop case is for illustration purposes only.

Build Redundant Multi-Terabyte RAID Volumes

A total of 256 logical volumes can be added to the iSCSI subsystem. The on-line volume expansion and RAID level migration features makes the iSCSI subsystem an excellent choice for accommodating future storage requirements. This iSCSI subsystem supports nearly every type of RAID, including 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60, and JBOD(Just a Bunch of Disks). RAID 6, ideal for mission critical servers, provides protection against the failure of one or two hard drives and enable complete data recovery from the remaining data and parity drives. There are also support for global and dedicated hot spare disks that can be allocated to redundant RAID volumes for automatic volume rebuild.

Advanced Management Capability

The iSCSI subsystem is managed and controlled via a web based GUI (Graphical User Interface), accessible from any browser over the local network. For remote access, SSH (secure shell) client software can be used to manage the ISC8P2G from virtually any location with an internet connection. The Management GUI features a robust set of management options including low level access to the connected volumes, event notification via email, SNMP trap, browser pop-up windows, Syslog, Windows Messenger and many others. The intuitive LCM (LCD Control Module) located in the front panel provides a set of easily accessibly Function buttons for simple system administration.

Multiple Snapshots with Scheduling

The iSCSI subsystem comes with an integrated Snapshot module. The Snapshot, similar to the roll back software or the Windows System Restore, enables the iSCSI to record the state of the storage system at the preset time intervals without any interruption to the application access. This provides additional protection against data corruption and faster data recovery in case of a disaster, virus infection or an inadvertent data modification.

  • Dedicated iSCSI storage appliance with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports with load-balancing and fail-over for high availability
  • Installed into any standard 5.25" drive bay
  • Supports Hardware RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60, JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks)
  • Choice of models with 8 or 16 SATA ports
    • 8-Port (model # ISC8P2G-S) - accommodates up to 8 individual SATA hard drives, supports up to 40 drives when connected through Hardware Port Multipliers (drives attached to the HPM must be configured as a single RAID volume)
    • 16-Port (model # ISC16P2G-S) - accommodates up to 16 individual SATA hard drives, supports up to 80 drives when connected through Hardware Port Multipliers (drives attached to the HPM must be configured as a single RAID volume)
  • Up to 2TB storage volume per SATA port - Maximum storage capacity is 16TB for 8-port and 32TB for 16-port model
  • Snapshot module for protection against data corruption and faster data recovery
  • House in heavy duty steel chassis with ventilation holes
  • Onboard 1GB memory

Detailed Features
  • Controller Components
    • Intel IOP 81331
    • Onboard memory 1GB DDR 333 ECC SIMM
    • UARTs for serial console management* and UPS
    • Dedicated Fast Ethernet port For Web-UI
    • Backend: SATA 1.0, 1.5Gb/s or SATA 2.0, 3Gb/s disks
    • Front-end: 2 GbE Ethernet ports
    • LCM supported for easy management use
  • RAID and Volume Operation

    • RAID level: 0,1,0+1,3,5,6,10,30,50, 60 and JBOD
    • Up to 256 logical volumes in the system
    • Global and dedicated hot spare disks
    • Write-through or write-back cache policy for different application usage
    • Dedicated or shared cache allocation for volume usage
    • Multiple RAID volumes support
    • Configurable RAID stripe size
    • Online volume expansion
    • Instant RAID volume availability
    • Auto volume rebuilding
    • On-line volume migration
  • Advanced Data Protection

    • Local N-way mirror
    • Off-line array roaming
    • Smart faulty sector relocation
  • Enclosure Monitoring

    • S.E.S. enclosure management
    • UPS management via the specific serial port*
    • Voltage monitor
    • Thermal sensors on the controller board
  • Management Interface

    • Management UI via
      • Serial console*
      • SSH telnet
      • HTTP Web UI
    • Event notification via
      • Email
      • SNMP trap
      • Browser pop-up windows
      • Syslog
      • Windows Messenger
    • Online system firmware upgrade mechanism
    • Built-in LCD module to control most enclosure components
    • iSNS and DHCP support
    • CHAP authentication mechanism support
  • Host and Drive Connection

    • 2 x GbE ports support independent access, fail-over, or load-balancing
    • MC/S feature
    • Microsoft Multipath IO (MPIO)
    • iSCSI jumbo frame
    • CHAP authentication
    • Data/Header digest
    • SCSI-3 compliant
    • Multiple IO transaction processing
    • Tagged command queuing
    • Access control in LUN usage: Read-Write and Read-Only
    • Hard drive S.M.A.R.T. enabled
    • Up to 32 host connection
    • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and MAC Operating Systems
* requires optional serial console
  • Two RJ45 Ethernet connectors: one for drive connection to LAN and one for console connection
  • SATA ports: eight (8) on model ISC8P2G-S and sixteen (16) on ISC16P2G-S
  • One SIMM memory slot for DDR 333Mhz ECC PC2700 or equivalent SIMM module
  • Power requirement:  ~ 38W on 5V and ~ 11W on 12V
  • Dimension (W x H x L): ~ 5.75 x 1.65 x 8.5 in. (146 x 42 x 216 mm )
  • Weight: ~1.8 lb. (820 gm)


Other Requirements

  • A software or hardware iSCSI Initiator to interact with the iSCSI Subsystem. Information on software iSCSI Initiators can be found here.
  • A server or workstation with a NIC (Network Interface Controller) or iSCSI HBA (Host Bus Adapter).
  • CAT 5e, or CAT 6 network cables for web GUI IP port and iSCSI data ports. We recommend CAT 6 cables for best performance.
  • Management (web GUI IP port) and iSCSI data ports network information. When using static IP, please prepare static IP addresses, subnet mask, and default gateway.
  • Ethernet switches. (Gigabit LAN switches are recommended for the best performance)


ISC8P2G-S - (iSCSI w/ 8 SATA, 2-1G and Snapshot)
iSCSI Subsystem integrated with Snapshot module and 8 SATA ports, user manual,
Price: 1039.00


AARJ45MF15 (RJ45 male - female 15" CAT6 cable)
AARJ45MF15 RJ45 male to refamle 15" CAT6 cable. For connecting the ethernet ports on the iSCSI subsystem to the backpanel on Storage Tower and Storage Rack.
Price: 14.99
ASTBP4 (ST back panel 4, 2 SCSI-1, 3RJ45,silver)
Content: Storage Tower back panel only with pre-punch holes for installing up to 1 Port Multiplier or 2 SCSI 50-pin connectors and 3 RJ45 connectors. Designed for installing Addonics iSCSI sub system.
Price: 6.00
SRISBP (Storage Rack iSCSI back panel)
Storage Rack iSCSI back panel (bracket only) for upgrading existing Storage Rack with the iSCSI subsystem,
Price: 9.50